Omni-channel Supply Chain Software


In the omni-channel model, without geographic boundaries, the customer likes the product in any sales channel, orders through any sales channel and gets the product delivered anywhere within any time slot and return it through any sales channel. An Omni-channel supply chain solution should provide an efficient and proactive supply chain infrastructure and technology for the companies to apply omni-channel model effectively and seamlessly. Supply chain solutions enable management of warehousing, order fulfillment, picking, packing and reverse logistics processes through Warehouse Management Software and Order Fulfillment Solutions.


The omni-channel model requires all channel orders to be consolidated in a single platform. Logiwa integrates to all marketplaces and shopping carts to capture all channel orders and fulfills these orders with the related committed service level. Omni-channel success also goes through integration with carriers for the seamless shipment process. Logiwa offers a combined wave and job planning and inventory allocation system to synchronize order fulfillment processes.

Inventory Sharing

The most challenging and critical process in the omni-channel is inventory sharing throughout all sales channels. Required priorities, allocations and reservations should be included in the system through this cooperative infrastructure. Logiwa Omni-channel supply chain software organizes and directs users to execute multi-channel tasks in syscron.


In the omnichannel model, various sales channels and delivery options are offered to the customer in sync. Therefore, inventory and all processes should be shared and be in cooperation through all channels. Traceability and transparency of inventory are crucial. From marketplace merchants to suppliers, store back offices and distribution center we can monitor and trace all the items.

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