Pick and Pack Faster with Logiwa on Cloud

Picking and packing are crucial processes within fulfillment operations. Logiwa provides fast and adaptive picking and packing processes through state-of-the-art rule-based algorithm design functionality. Industries have specific inventory, customer and order rules in supply chains. Most of these rules have reflections on picking processes. Therefore, the picking process should be flexible, adaptive and easy-to-configure to respond to all these requirements. Logiwa’s dynamic picking algorithm functionality allows easy configuration of picking rules and processes.


Don’t do only voice picking, open “picking menu” with a voice command. Do all your warehouse transactions by speaking to Logiwa and listening back. And on your smartphone, not on a specific hardware. With Logiwa, enjoy the flexibility of using voice and barcode, whenever you want.

Additional to responding to picking requirements, picking process should be designed to be fast and productive. To achieve these, Logiwa’s wave and job algorithms are configured. Various picking strategies such as batch picking, order picking, cluster picking, wave picking can be applied easily. These strategies can run concurrently in the warehouse in most cases for different order, customer types. Also, in case batch picking is used, sorting process is used following picking.

Logiwa includes user-friendly packing stations. These stations are configured for a temporary worker to use it easily.


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