What are Some of the Main Reports for a 3PL Warehouse’s clients?

What are Some of the Main Reports for a 3PL Warehouse’s clients?

With the rise of online commerce, the number of 3PL fulfillment centers is increasing tremendously. It is certain that 3PL fulfillment centers should have capable IT systems in their warehouse. When configuring a warehouse management system in a 3PL warehouse, there are some important reports which will facilitate their daily life. If you do not provide necessary reports to your clients, they will start calling you for the required information. Some of the basic reports which you can provide to your clients are:

Warehouse Inventory Report

One of the basic reports we have to provide. An inventory report usually shows:

  • SKU number
  • Product explanation
  • Available quantity in the warehouse

Available To Promise Report

Other than inventory report, available to promise report shows the pending purchase orders and sales.  An available to promise report shows:

  • SKU number
  • Product explanation
  • Inventory quantity
  • Open purchase order quantity
  • Open sales order quantity
  • Date
  • Quantity available for sales

Shipment Progress Report

The progress of shipments is the crucial KPI for a 3PL. Clients always keep an eye on the shipment progress, if their shipments are delaying or not. A shipment progress report should include:

  • Order number
  • Order status(Started, picked, packed, shipped etc)
  • Time to ship(How many days you have to ship the order)
  • Sales channel(Marketplace, shopping cart etc.)
  • Shipment carrier
  • Shipping option
  • Ship to information
  • Shipment tracking number

Inventory Shortage Report

In today’s retail world, shortages and backorders should be considered seriously to prevent any  customer complaint. A 3PL’s WMS must provide real-time information showing the shortages and backorders in the system. An inventory shortage report should have:

  • Order number
  • Sales channel
  • Time to ship(days)
  • SKU number
  • Quantity
  • Any pending purchase order

Billing Report

A 3PL should provide at least a weekly billing report to clients. The billing report should include the space utilization, receipt statement, shipment statement and value added services.

More reports can be added to this list for different industries and service levels. However the reports that are mentioned above are must-have reports for a 3PL fulfillment center.


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