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The Most Connected Cloud Based 3PL WMS

One-size-fits-all doesn't work for a 3PL WMS. Find out what your 3PL needs to succeed

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A Cloud WMS that Scales With Your Business

Experience the true 3PL Warehouse Management software with the right fulfillment structure.


Multi-Client Management

There is no limit to how many clients you can manage within Logiwa.


Plug and Play Sales Channel Integration

Connect to one or multiple platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon and more.


Client Specific Billing

Manage client contracts in full detail and create periodical billing reports automatically.


Tailored Client Portals

Share real-time information such as inventory, order status and shipment details with your clients.


Rule-based Putaway Algorithms

Organize your warehouse based on client specific rules such as ABC, volume, zone and customized putaway.


Automated Job/Task Management

Create jobs specific to your client’s needs including single, single SKU, multi and oversized item orders.

Here's What You Need to Know about 3PL WMS

As a third-party logistics provider you need a 3PL WMS (warehouse management system) designed specifically for your needs. Customer service is crucial for the success of 3PL companies. While a single enterprise will have specific WMS requirements, 3PLs serve multiple clients and must be able to customize their systems to support each client's unique needs. In addition to the essential warehouse management functions, a 3PL requires additional specialized features such as client portals, client billing, and value-added services billing.


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Look for a solution that emphasizes inventory visibility across entire supply chain. This can be provided via technology solutions such as APIs and EDI integrations between the WMS and the clients’ accounting, ERP and order management systems. 3PL clients will value a client portal where they can easily log in to view inventory levels, place orders and perform other functions such as displaying transaction history. Look for solutions that support tracking of entire supply chain such as inbound and outbound orders and shipments. The ability to enter sales and purchase orders is another useful feature that helps integrate information into a single network. Also, clients will typically want to view other transaction documents, such as invoices, order forms.

Your 3PL WMS client portal should support the creation of advance shipping notices (ASNs) that clients use to alert their customers of shipments the warehouse is sending out. Many clients have complex ASN requirements, so offering a flexible, easy-to-use ASN tool for your clients will allow you to serve those clients better.

Surpass Your Customers Expectations and Your Competitors' Capabilities.

One-size-fits-all doesn't work for a 3PL WMS. Find out what your 3PL needs to succeed.

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Look for a 3PL WMS that supports storage billing functions, rather than having to compile the data manually. 3PLs bill clients for items stored on a regular periodic basis, ranging from daily to monthly. A flexible warehouse management system allows you to meet your clients' unique billing needs. For example, you may use anniversary billing, which calculates storage charges 30 days after delivery. It's an excellent alternative to billing on the first of the month, which usually involved complicated pro-rated billing. You can track by various units of measurement, such as volume, pallets, bulk, and weight.

Most 3PL WMS solutions offer basic warehouse operations such as putaway and picking. Look for a solution that provides additional value-added services or can be customized to include them for billing purposes. For example, you may need build-to-order tracking if you assemble products or configure-to-order for installing and setting up software to fulfill customer orders. Kitting is another common function if your customer requires packing multiple products in a kit that is viewed as a single item in the inventory.

Some customers may require their 3PL to place purchase orders for inventory or accept and process sales orders directly from your customer's clients. In that case, look for a 3PL software that supports billing support for order processing. This function may be required if you get involved in processing e-commerce orders. You'll also want a system that integrates with popular e-commerce shopping tools.


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Our all-in-one dashboard gives you a bird's eye view of your clients' inventory. On top of that, our customer portal feature allows you to give clients access to their own customized portal so that they can see their business information.

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Flexible and Agile

Defining your business processes and your current clients’ needs as a third party logistics company is the first step that you should take for customer satisfaction. You should also define how you expect a software tool to keep track of the business processes. This will provide a written explanation of the ways you complete transactions within your company, the information components you need to measure your business efficiency and the information that you want to provide to your clients. Secondly, you should define your target customer profile. If you are targeting to serve food companies in the near future even if you don’t have any today, the warehouse management software functions specific to food industry will play a key role.

For most third party logistics companies, things move pretty fast that they can sign a contract with a client in an industry that they never experienced before. In this case, the knowhow of the commercial WMS solution and its provider will give the necessary knowhow how to manage the processes of this new industry efficiently. Your business development efforts should not be wasted because you don’t have experience and knowhow in an industry, most experience WMS systems have the experience and knowhow in various industries, product types or business models (B2B, B2C, B2Store). This knowhow is not something that you can develop within your company in a short time.

The possibility of acquiring clients in totally new industries also require a WMS system which is the backbone of a 3PL company to be very flexible. If your existing clients are in the food industry and you suddenly acquired an electronics client, you should start capturing serial numbers instead of lot/batch numbers and expire dates. And also manage your processes based on those attributes such as picking algorithms to achieve efficient operations. Commercial WMS solutions will provide that fast and easy in a flexible manner.




As a 3PL, you will need to build integrations with your clients’ ERP software for a seamless service experience for them. In order to achieve a flexible integration structure, some advanced development is required in a cloud based WMS and experience. Many cloud based WMS solutions have already done that many years ago with their focused large development teams and have experienced hundreds of those integrations.

Especially, if you are providing warehousing and order fulfillment services to online retailers, you will have to connect to hundreds of sales channels such as marketplaces, shopping carts and also shipment carriers. Cloud based WMS software companies make huge investments to build standard connections with all these parties of the online commerce environment and continuously maintain these integrations.

User interface of the application is crucial as well. If your customer base and its requirements vary, you'll also want to find a system that allows for custom fields to handle unique client needs. Ideally, this function will be easy to use to keep your billing processes up to date.

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