Balance your Supply Chain

Balance your Supply Chain

Having multiple KPIs in supply chain result in sacrificing one or multiple of them. As in all optimization problems, optimizing the supply chain is a balancing act. Logiwa allows balancing various KPIs such as productivity and accuracy through instant configuration switch.

Bottleneck Solver for your Warehouse


We balance your supply chain by unblocking your bottlenecks and planning your resources. Logiwa offers “Bottleneck Solver” functionality, a state-of-the-art technology, to monitor, plan and manage your order fulfillment processes. By unblocking bottlenecks of the processes, reduce your cycle time. Logiwa allows you ship more.

Accuracy vs Productivity

As sales and marketing policies and customer requirements change, the idea of adapting supply chain to these changes is completely a configuration switch for the system. There may be more number of orders than you can handle with your existing configuration. Logiwa allows you sacrifice e.g. from accuracy and be as productive as you can be with existing resources. So e.g. your users pass item barcode scanning and only scan location or pallet barcode. Also, it shows the sensitivity between accuracy and productivity such as; reduce accuracy by 5% and productivity will hit 100%. The configuration can be switched instantly and can be changed back instantly. In all these cases, it’s crucial for the system to guide the users at every step of the transactions without leaving anything to their judgement.


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