How a Warehouse Management System Helps Growth in E-commerce?

E-commerce is a highly competitive space for most of the products. They have to focus on sales and marketing and they should spend. If they don’t have enough capital to spend on sales and marketing, they stay behind the competition and they are for sure having hard times growing and selling more. The other option would be to support sales and marketing through high margins. However, the competition won’t allow them to set high product prices to gain high margins. E-commerce businesses have a few main cost components. One of them is inventory holding and operations costs. By cutting their operations costs, they achieve price elasticity and higher margins. Through higher margins, they have more funds to spend on sales and marketing and they start growing in e-commerce at a steady level.


Accurate Warehouse Management is the Key to Success

Accurate Warehouse Management is the Key to Success

Warehouse management system for e-commerce helps companies firstly to have access to real-time and accurate data such as inventory, order, shipment. When the accurate inventory data is pushed back to marketplaces and shopping carts, the companies start avoiding overselling and missing sales opportunities. With the accurate inventory and order data, the companies can create the base for demand forecasting and optimize their inventory. They can hold the right inventory mix and quantity by minimizing their inventory holding costs.

Also, the customers are provided with on-time and accurate data of their orders and shipments. So the customer service level is improved drastically and customers become returning customers.

Lastly, the e-commerce businesses start saving costs from their operational resources and manpower that they use for warehousing and order fulfillment. This is one of the real gains of a warehouse management system for an e-commerce business. The businesses should not be satisfied with only scanning barcodes and monitoring inventory in and out. The warehouse management system should add value to the business by the real means of automation.


What Makes A Good Warehouse Management System?

What Makes A Good Warehouse Management System?

Choosing a good warehouse management system is not easy, especially if you don’t know your options for picking the warehouse system that is right for you. How do you know what to look for in a warehouse software, or how to tell the difference between one or the other? The answer does not necessarily lie in the price of the product; just because the warehouse management system is more expensive, it doesn’t mean it is the best for you. However, there ARE ways of finding the perfect system for you. Here are a few key traits to look for in a good warehouse management system:


A warehouse system that works accurately from start to finish with the minimal amount of errors per order line is a good warehouse management system for retailers. This ensures that your inventory transactions will be recorded properly, with the smallest amount of mishaps. By checking this key component, you will save yourself damage-control time in the long run.


You can ensure that a good warehouse management system is cost-effective by checking whether you will have to make an investment in an on-premise system or subscribe to a cloud-based system. Cloud-based warehouse systems are much more cost-effective than licensing an on-premise system because the investment and implementation is far cheaper, and often you have more tools at your disposal without worrying about the hardware costs. Cloud warehouse management system can also be constantly updated with the latest and greatest tools, giving you a more recent version of the system with no reinstallation hassle.

Integration Ready

Whether you are a retailer or supplier, a good warehouse system should be adaptable to any customer need and be ready to integrate with various shipping platforms, such as UPS, USPS, DHL and FedEx. Every online retailer has a different shipping carrier, so make sure that your warehouse management system is flexible enough to integrate with that, as well as your inventory, purchase order and order processing systems.


Finally, the most important thing to look for in a good warehouse management system is one that is transparent and provides information on-demand. It should allow you to see what is going on with your inventory in real time. Look for a warehouse system that provides real-time reporting, as well as a clear view of the date and time of warehouse and fulfillment activities. This ensures that if there is a problem, you can easily find the source of the issue.

The ultimate purpose of a good warehouse management system is to make warehouse management worry-free—does your system do that for you? Logiwa’s multi-channel inventory management system checks all these boxes and more. Our B2B and B2C cloud warehouse management system is one of the most advanced systems around. Check out what we can do for you here.


Increase Your Margins with Warehouse Management System

E-commerce companies, by being agile and responsive to sales and marketing in their supply chains, are able to sell more products.

E-commerce is a very dynamic business environment. The sales and marketing policies and market conditions are changing fast. When the sales and marketing departments change their policies, the e-commerce supply chains should be responding to these changes very fast. Because most of the sales and marketing campaigns and policies show the real effect in supply chain and logistics transactions and eventually the products and services that are delivered to the customer. Most advanced warehouse management systems(WMS) that are flexible and agile enough, provide the agility and responsiveness to e-commerce supply chains.

E-commerce companies have 2 groups of costs that have the highest portion. Marketing costs and logistics costs. Their margins get directly affected by these costs. The competition for e-commerce companies is mostly based on pricing. The logistics management systems, especially warehouse management and order fulfillment systems are able to achieve 15-20% logistics cost savings in e-commerce operations. When an e-commerce company achieves these savings, there are 2 ways that they will go one step ahead in the competition.

Since their margins are increased by lowering logistics costs, either they can be more flexible with their pricing or they can spend more on marketing. Either way, they are able to sell more.


Scale up your Retail Business with the right Solution

Scale up your Retail Business with the right Solution

Reduced operational costs increase your margins that end up either in price elasticity or increased marketing budget. Logiwa leverages retailers’ sales through optimized margins by harmonizing all sales channels within the same supply chain and allowing you to scale your supply chain.

Cycle time

Cycle time is the new KPI of retail and e-commerce. It represents the frequency of order shipment. The lower the cycle time, the faster the fulfillment operation is. Logiwa reduces your cycle time with adaptive and smart logistics systems.

Logiwa balances your supply chain by unblocking your bottlenecks and planning your resources. Logiwa offers “Bottleneck Solver” functionality, a state-of-the-art technology, to monitor, plan and manage your order fulfillment processes. By unblocking bottlenecks of the processes, reduce your cycle time. We allow you to ship more.


Seamless processes play a key role in fulfillment productivity. Logiwa also brings productivity to fulfillment. Although the workforce is crucial for accomplishing the customer experience, smart logistics systems play a key role to enhance customer service and reduce costs by guiding the workforce efficiently.

Logiwa‘s order fulfillment functionality is designed to improve retail and e-commerce operations. Logiwa provides smart process designs with cutting-edge technology to make it seamless. Logiwa helps you complete more transactions with fewer resources.


Inaccurate transactions end up in higher costs in supply chain operations. When an inventory transaction is completed inaccurately, it means that it will be done twice if noticed right away. If not noticed, it will have bigger losses for the company such as shipping a wrong item to the customer, locking down a location for counting. Doing transactions accurately in the first time definitely brings cost efficiency to the supply chain transactions and obviously increases margins.

Feel the power of control in your logistics operations. Logiwa can be configured to grant users the required privileges. Within these grants, the system won’t let users do mistakes. Logiwa benefits from various technologies to achieve accuracy such as a barcode, voice recognition, pick-to-light, automated material handling, conveyor and sorter systems.

Logiwa Onboarding

Ladies and gentleman,

Welcome aboard to Logiwa WMS’ flight!

With the fast paced work environment at Logiwa, it sometimes gets overwhelming. Get ready to fly high at this enthusiastic, dynamic & young environment. As we are always ready to improve our implementation methdology, here are a few safety instructions to onboard our new employees;

Carefully stow your hand luggage in the overhead bins

Remember your first day at work? Was it too stressful, not knowing what to do, trying to figure out who to talk to and what time is the lunch at? With too many unknowns lying ahead, it may be understandable. At Logiwa we want our new employees to “hit the ground running” if not “flying “and for that we try to minimize the first day stress before new hires even come to the office.

New employees at Logiwa receive an “electronic welcome package” a week before their first day at work. This carefully created welcome package will serve as their hand luggage, being right next to them whenever it is needed. It includes the details of the company history, core values, links to company videos, what a new employee should expect during their first day, week and month and the orientation program created specifically for them. Also, a day before starting, direct supervisor of the employee calls him/her to make sure that they know where to show up, how to get there and when.

With all this preparation, we recommend our new hires to “carefully stow their stress in the overhead bins” and get ready flying with Logiwa!

When the seat belt sign is on, fasten your seat belt, keep it fastened and visible while seated

Before our new employees arrive, we make sure to have a place ready for them to sit, we decorate their desk with goodies, we add a small map of the office area and the wi-fi password to their “welcome pack”. We know that these simple but practical things help ease the first day jitters and create a warm welcome. We also know from experience that removing first day anxieties helps people focus on getting to know the team and the product better.

After getting their table, their laptop and all the other gear ready for our new employee, first thing we do is to help them understand the priorities and the focus of their new department. We discuss the team goals and their key performance metrics together with the new hire and make sure they understand and comfortably except what is expected of them.

Both with our customers and employees, one of the key things that we want is to avoid confusion. We always aim to make our product and organization cleverly simple and clear.

We know that if an employee is confused, he/she will spend unnecessary energy and time wondering and worrying about what he/she is doing and this is exactly what we try to avoid. Being open with the goals and priorities, helps them focus on the right things and gives them a target to aim for.

Goals & roles are the seatbelts that carefully keep the employee in track and we make sure they are always in perfect comfort level that is never too tight or loose and that is always visible & open to dialogue.

There are several emergency exits on this aircraft, please take a moment to locate your nearest exit

As part of their “pre-departure duties”, managers introduce new employees to the team and help them understand the colleagues’ role in the company. They help the new employees to understand how they will be supervised throughout their Logiwa journey and introduce them to the colleagues who can help them when they have questions. We schedule time with new hires to meet with the managers in the organization to get an idea of what everyone does. This gives insight into how each team is working toward each other and along with the company vision. This helps our new employees a lot to learn whom they can go to for what. Knowing who to go to when have a questions is like locating the “emergency exists”

Each employee is unique and we appreciate and cherish the uniqueness. Some employees require more feedback while others may want to learn about their role in a different way. We believe that each employee should be coached and trained the way they want to be, so we try to personalize the onboarding process as much as possible.

In case of loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop down automatically. Pull the nearest mask over your nose & mouth and make sure its well-adjusted before helping others.

Managers are great but buddies are greater! We assign a “buddy” to each new employee and help them bond with their “buddies”. For the first month of the employee his/her buddy accompany them on their trainings, projects and on all their assignments.

Having a buddy to consult the first month makes it easier to ask questions, and asking questions will lead to less confusion and a better learning experience.

Questions are the shortest path to the answers! Emphasizing that a big part of job is answering the questions of our customers, we encourage the new hires to ask their buddies questions on whichever is unclear in their minds.

Being new at work isn’t so different from being the new kid at school. Having a friend on the first day who helps with everything is simply priceless.

Buddies also create a bridge with the new employee and the rest of team and create connections with them.



Set your mobile phone and all your electronic devices to flight mode for takeoff and landing

Turn off your mobile phones- it’s networking time! At Logiwa, both managers and buddies help new employee on building a social network. They always involve him/her to lunches and team events.

Lunches are always great! It’s nice eating with new colleagues, and getting out of the office encourages new employees to chat about things outside of work which helps ease the stress and creates bonds.

Every Friday at the end of each month, we have a “Happy Hour” (happy couple of hours to be preciseJ ) to share and enjoy with all the team. There, the new employee gets to know the whole team, if not he/she already did, and all the other fun facts about the team members beyond work.

For take-off and landing make sure your tray table is closed, your window blind is open and your seat belt is fully upright

When all the trainings are given, roles & goals are described and team bonds are created, we go through the “onboarding checklist” one last time and confirm that all is set for the employee “take-off”. We make sure everything is bright for the new member of our family, and we aim to maintain this brightness, having the window blind open all the time.

For the following six months, once a month, managers set up onboarding check-ins for the new hire.

These check-ins aim to keep the new hire’s motivation, courage up and make sure his/her seat is at upright position.

We believe that training is fuel for the onboarding engine and without one, the other will surely suffer. Simultaneously with the onboarding, we follow the training program that we create for our new employee. We put a great importance on the new- hire training program and try to consider all the little things that an employee will need to succeed at their job. Trainings cover the best practices, programs that are in use, details of the software& the databases used and have the goals clearly stated.

Here at Logiwa, we carefully select the talents and we feel like we don’t hire an “employee” but we “join a new family member”. So on their first day and always, we want to keep them excited, happy and engaged for the long haul. We know setting up someone for success takes time, it requires both sides to be patient and it’s not easy at all, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

Also, we know that the first impressions are very important and we only get one chance at first impression, so we want a new employee to have an amazing experience joining our company and the team. Onboarding plays a crucial role on getting new employees feel to be a part of the team. According to Officevibe’s state of employee engagement survey, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with their company for 3 years if they experience great onboarding.

Getting feedback on the onboarding process is the only way to know if employees are actually benefitting from it so at the end of each new employee onboarding, we ask them to evaluate the process and help us get better on it.

On behalf of Logiwa WMS Airlines and the entire crew, we’d like to thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward seeing you on board again in the near future.

A Product SKU Master Data Template for Better Inventory Management

There are 2 important master data in order to start an inventory management system implementation: Product SKU master data and warehouse location master data. A product SKU master data is an excel sheet that shows all the required information to manage your inventory in your warehouse and also in your sales channels. In this article, I will try to explain a sample product SKU template that we use in our implementations. There are some crucial fields which you should include in your product SKU master data.

Product SKU Master Data

Our product SKU master data template starts with SKU number. You can check out this article to learn how to create SKU if you do not have yet. The article allows you to download a free excel based SKU Generator.  

Sales Channel

With the rise of online sales, multi-channel inventory management became a crucial issue for online retailers. Not only multi-channel but also multi-store inventory management is trending nowadays. Your product SKU master data template should have a sales channel field which shows all the selling channels of the product.  

Channel SKU

Often times, Online merchants use different seller SKU in different channels. Some of the marketplaces and shopping carts have different rules than others. Our product SKU master data template allows you to define different SKUs for different sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Walmart.

Product Barcode

Barcodes are used to achieve more productive fulfillment operations. By scanning barcodes, guarantee the accuracy and traceability of our inventory. SKU and/or UPC can be used as product barcode.


We usually use a separate field to track UPC of the product.

Product Description

Product description or explanation is used for the listings.


Dropshipping is becoming a crucial facilitator for online retailers. If your product has the dropshipping option, you should define this in your product SKU master data.

Product Dimensions

Product dimensions such as weight, height, length and width are very useful to calculate storage usage, carrier rate and the packing box for the order. The dimensions are also used by the directed putaway algorithm to suggest a suitable warehouse location for our receipts.

Inventory Attributes

Inventory attributes such as lot batch number, serial number and expiration date are also useful for some industries. For instance, if you are selling food products, you need to track loot number and expiration date. If you are selling electronics product, you may activate serial number tracking.

Kitting and Bundling

If the product is a kit, product SKU master data should include this information as well. You should enter the components of the kit and the required quantities. Your inventory management system uses this information to track kit product inventory and component product inventory.

Product SKU Template

Product SKU Template

Download your free product SKU master data sheet!


Rebranding from LA WMS to Logiwa

We are happy to announce our rebranding. We will continue to offer our product and services with Logiwa brand.

In order to create a better buzz in the market, we changed our product brand from LA WMS to Logiwa. We believe that Logiwa is a great reflection of our state-of-the-art product.

The product is exactly the same, what changed is only the name. Our website is also changed to www.logiwa.comOur great product and team will continue to serve your business as always.

Start managing your inventory right away through the easy and effortless setup. Logiwa offers exactly what e-commerce and retail needs – nothing more, nothing less.


LA Software / Logiwa Team


About Logiwa

Logiwa is a cloud warehouse and inventory management software that focuses on the inventory management and order fulfillment needs of retail and e-commerce businesses. Logiwa brings the unique engineering approach along with optimization techniques and cutting-edge technology to support industry growth and contribute to consumer satisfaction.

We have been helping hundreds of retailers around the world for more than a decade. Logiwa empowers retailers to increase their sales, deliver better customer service and maintain a profitable business.


Multi-channel inventory management system


Retailers start enjoying the groundbreaking technology of Logiwa faster than any other software in the market. Logiwa offers built-in integrations to tens of marketplaces and shopping carts such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, WalMart as well as shipment carriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, Shipstation and also accounting systems such as Quickbooks and Xero. Logiwa is the most connected inventory management software in the market.

Our clients achieve 100% real-time accuracy in inventory management and order fulfillment through barcode scanning and also they can pick, pack and ship real-time.


Would you like to learn more?

Meet one of our industry experts to see our product’s free live demo.


Logiwa Proud of Its New office

We are excited to announce that our team has moved to a new location in downtown Chicago.  We spent the previous year at 1871 of the monumental Merchandise Mart across our new location. Our old office served us well, and we made great memories there, but we look forward to making more memories here.

The new office is actually a waterfront in downtown Chicago, putting us right in the middle of the lively Chicago skyline. We’re excited about the hustle and bustle happening outside our windows and beautiful scenery.


Would you like to learn more?

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LA Software will showcase at SCTECH 2016 in Chicago

We would like to excitedly announce that LA Software will be one of the exhibitors of Supply Chain Technology Conference & Expo, 2016 (SCTECH 2016) which will take place in Chicago between July 19th and 21st. We are pleased to participate in this reputable event and looking forward to meet with the most reputed speakers and clients across various sectors.

SCTECH is an annual gathering of supply chain, operations, engineering and financial professionals coming together to share cutting edge technologies and best practices focusing on efficiency and profitability.

This year, SCTECH will host a variety of supply chain cases and challenges to address the formidable supply chain technologies. Along with event, while leading companies will be showcasing cutting edge technologies, both academic and corporate trendsetters are going to take part. Furthermore, the event will host various competitions, including robotics competition on supply chain challenges.

LA Software will showcase its unique and best-of-breed global order fulfillment technologies to meet global leaders and companies in order to share its cutting-edge supply chain management solutions. Visit us at booth 812 to explore and take advantage of our expertise on supply chain management technologies.

Visit SCTECH website to see detailed information:

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Meet our Order Fulfillment Solutions at IRCE

LA will showcase order fulfillment solutions at the Retail Industry’s Leading E-Commerce Conference and Tradeshow. Internet Retail Conference & Exhibition (IRCE) is the annual global crossroads where the online retailing industry converges. This year’s IRCE show will take place in the world-class city of Chicago, June 7-10, at McCormick Place West.

The exhibit hall at IRCE features nearly 600 vendors and covers over 250,000 square feet of space – making it the largest e-commerce trade show in the industry. Filled with the latest e-commerce technologies and top solution providers, at IRCE companies will uncover vendors that will benefit their company and drive their online strategy forward. With vendors in nearly every category available – including marketing, fulfillment, e-commerce platforms and new retail technology and more.


Better Order Fulfillment

Retail and e-commerce are evolving faster than ever and all companies from a variety of industries are implementing next generation supply chain strategies in parallel with rising of e-commerce. LA Software will showcase at this great meeting as one of the top order fulfillment solution providers. The industry experts will have the chance to meet with our latest supply chain and order fulfillment technologies and next generation smart logistics systems.

Our end-to-end, integrated supply chain execution and planning solutions address the complexities and gaps of today’s global, customer-driven marketplace through e-commerce and omni-channel. Guests will enjoy our solutions, expertise and know-how in e-commerce.

We will be at booth 383 –next to the food & beverage area- throughout the event.

Conference Dates & Hours

Tuesday, June 7: Pre-conference Workshops, 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Wednesday, June 8 & Thursday, June 9: Main Conference, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Friday, June 10: Post-conference Workshops, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Exhibit Hall Dates & Hours

Tuesday, June 7: Evening Welcome Reception, 4 – 6:30 p.m.
Wednesday, June 8: 9 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Thursday, June 9: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Friday, June 10: Exhibit Hall Closed

LA Software booth no: 383

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LA Software participated Descartes Global User&Partner Conference

Descartes Systems Group, the global leader in providing on-demand, software-as-a-service solutions focused on improving the productivity, performance and security of logistics-intensive businesses, organized 11th annual Global User and Partner Conference in Florida with participation of its all global partners and customers.

LA Software, the global partner of Descartes, participated at this pinnacle event where Descartes customers and partners from around the globe got together for networking and sharing knowledge and experience.

Evolution 2016, brought together industry-leading transportation and logistics services providers, freight forwarders, customs house brokers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, mobile services companies and technology providers from around the world. The conference enabled participants to engage with Descartes leadership, domain experts, ecosystem partners and industry thought leaders, and to network with other customers to maximize the value they are getting from their existing solutions, learn about new solutions and understand industry best practices.

At the conference, Descartes announced its Excellence and Innovation Awards to recognize customers and partners that have demonstrated and achieved great results, have successfully launched transformational initiatives and/or used Descartes’ solutions in innovative ways that deliver high return on investment and rapid time-to-value.

‘’Logistics for e-Commerce’’ class with Logiwa

As Logiwa’s biggest assets are talented and educated resources, we are one of the international partners of CO-OP program for years.

Erhan Musaoglu, CEO of Logiwa, lectures ‘’Logistics for e-Commerce’’ to COOPERs with real life business cases and deep expertise in logistics operations technologies. Omni-channel logistics, e-commerce warehouse management, order fulfillment operations and future technologies in supply chain management are the main subjects of our class.

Food and meal delivery…easy to trace!

Increasing competition, decreasing profits, increasing government regulations, the risk of recalls that can damage the brand image are only a few pressures that food companies are under in daily life. Logiwa can help food companies by helping improving operational costs, increasing margins, providing full traceability. Logiwa solutions for food industry are structured based on 5 important factors: Traceability, Visibility, Accuracy, Flexibility, Efficiency.

“Dinner-in-a-box” and “Meal Delivery” businesses are making healthy food easier to access. Logiwa Solutions support these businesses to commit to their motto through traceability and accuracy.

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