Commerce Universe: Unique Shopping Experience through different retail parties

The most outstanding feature of omni-commerce is providing a seamless shopping experience to the consumer across all channels. This means that when the consumer purchases an item of a brand from many channel, he/she will encounter the standard service personalized for him/her. Many retailers create their own e-commerce sites without considering that it’s a challenging business case without adequate scale of fulfillment business. The alternative of selling through e-Retailers such as and other consolidator sites can bring large amount of sales potential. Today, many retailers are doing this well since they fail to develop extensive strategies for collaborating with e-retailers. As a matter of fact, omni-channel model and its ultimate purpose to offer consumers unique service will push retailers to collaborate with e-retailers, department stores and any consolidated businesses.

As a result of this collaboration, the consumer will get the same level of standard service for the same brand in different retailers; hence wherever he/she buys the item of the brand, he/she will face the same service and standards. E.g when a consumer purchases an i-phone at consolidator sites such as, he/she will be able to return it at an Apple Store in Atlanta or the other way round. Omni-channel will push all parties of retail for a tight and extensive collaboration thus the competition between brands will run through their overall retail chains. This is called “Commerce Universe” that means collaboration between brands and retail parties letting them taking the full responsibility of another brand.

Not an extension of brick-and-mortar

Many brick-and-mortar retailers try to setup their e-commerce, m-commerce businesses and many others. Most of these companies address e-commerce and other channel businesses as an extension of their brick-and-mortar business, keeping it in the center. With ignoring the different processes and strategies required for different channels, they do a completely wrong startup. In order to leverage the sizeable opportunity in different channels and compete profitably, the retailers need to orient their organizational capabilities, internal processes, and content. Besides, they must do these without jeopardizing their relationships with their traditional channel partners. The retailers must embrace a truly omni-channel strategy.

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