E-commerce Player Grows with Inventory Management System

Dasallas that is a unique e-commerce player with its high-end kitchenware products, is using Logiwa to manage its 40,000 sqft warehouse. Effective inventory management is the primary success factor for the company to provide a superior customer service. Since Dasallas manages its inventory online, they have the full visibility all the time.

Dasallas is selling its products on multiple marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Sears, Houzz and Jet. Thanks to Logiwa, Dasallas captures customer orders from these marketplaces real-time and pushes its inventory back to these channels. It is crucial for Dasallas to have accurate and real-time inventory on these marketplaces to avoid missing sales opportunities and over-selling. Dasallas increased its sales drastically through seamless and online integration with marketplaces.

Logiwa provides the functionality to share the inventory across different marketplaces. Dasallas can allocate a certain level of inventory for each marketplace or they can push the whole inventory to all channels.


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