What are some software options to manage an e-tailer’s dropshipping inventory?

How to manage an e-tailer's dropshipping inventory-Logiwa WMS


E-tailers should have the most seamless supply chain in the market. So that they should not handle inventory, order fulfillment, shipping manually; They should have an automatically flow in the warehouse.

In order to achieve this, there are some options such as; you can allow VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) so that your suppliers can see your actual inventory figures real-time. So based on your initial negotiations with them, they can replenish inventory at a re-order level. The critical thing is you should use a good inventory management system and you should open your inventory and order data to your suppliers.

Or you can do dropshipping. Without holding inventory in your warehouse, your orders can be viewed by your suppliers and they can fulfill your orders and enter the shipment information to your inventory management system. Of course, all these cases are based on how powerful you are in front of your suppliers.

In Logiwa, we have a such a great team that we will also give you suggestions what the best coordination method would be with your dropshipping suppliers.

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