Essentials of Amazon Inventory System for Merchants

Essentials of Amazon Inventory System for Merchants

Selling on Amazon depends on many things as well as how you benefit from Amazon inventory system and how you manage your inventory. Obviously, Amazon is a huge marketplace with its 2M+ online merchants. 43% of all online retail sales went through Amazon in 2016. The company is only growing rapidly and “eating” the retail world.

That’s why it is an essential selling channel for most of the small business online merchants. Amazon provides all the necessary tools for merchants just to “sell”. One of the great tools that Amazon provides is Amazon inventory system and the API connection to external systems.

It remains for a good inventory management software to build the API connection to Amazon inventory system. Then everything flows automatically with no hassles including inventory, orders and shipments.

Feed Inventory To Amazon

Through the API connection that Amazon inventory system offers, Logiwa inventory management software can feed accurate and real-time inventory into their Amazon store. Why would you have inventory sitting in your warehouse if you can’t let consumers know it? Inventory sitting in your warehouse is your capital. Longer you tie your capital to inventory, more you lose money. You’d better get a proper inventory management software to let consumers know of your inventory real-time.

Amazon Order Management

The Amazon inventory system API connection also offers automatic order flow. Your inventory management software will capture the orders from Amazon automatically and will fulfill your orders accurately. Be aware that many e-commerce businesses go bankrupt because of the high rate of returns by the customer. The cause for a high rate of return is inaccurate order fulfillment. Accurate and on-time order fulfillment will definitely bring awesome reviews and ratings.

What an inventory management software can do with Amazon inventory system can do the same thing with Ebay, Walmart, Shopify, Magento etc.

To see how we help with multichannel inventory and order fulfillment, take a look at Logiwa multichannel inventory solution.

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