Fast fashion requires fast supply chain. A Warehouse Management System For Fashion Industry

Fast fashion and apparel retail and e-commerce business is a very competitive market. Brand recognition, beautiful design, extraordinary quality is no more enough for growth. The competition is not only a price war anymore, hence it is a customer service competition. The apparel retailers are maintaining an outstanding customer service level to easily access to the consumer and build loyalty.

Apparel retailers have already been dealing with various challenges such as adapting to changing consumer behaviors, keeping up with fashion trends and following trend setters, creating 4 to 6 different seasonal product portfolios and at the same time maintaining a certain margin level to support their growth.

With the rise of omni-channel sales strategies, the customers gained this great opportunity to experience the same customer service level across different sales channels such as online stores and brick and mortar stores. The customers expect retailers to provide seamless, convenient and standard shopping experience to accommodate their busy lifestyle needs. Omni-channel model made apparel retail even more dynamic than ever. As a result, supply chain is the primary function that supports and directly impacts the customer service.

Logiwa Warehouse Management System facilitates omni-channel supply chain for apparel retailers by managing inventory beyond 4-walls throughout the retail chain. Logiwa WMS makes order fulfillment extremely fast by reducing cycle time; detecting and solving bottlenecks. The retailers achieve agile and responsive supply chains with Logiwa WMS solutions so that they can respond to the changes fast in such dynamic environment.

Speeding Up Order Fulfillment

The key performance indicator of fast fashion logistics is how fast the order fulfillment operation is done. Recalling assembly lines; the operation speed is measured by cycle time which represents the duration each final product is produced in an assembly line. The lower the cycle time is, the faster the assembly operation. One of the goals of Logiwa apparel retail projects is decreasing the cycle time. Again referring back to assembly lines, by solving bottlenecks in an assembly line, production systems reducing cycle times.

In order to do that in order fulfillment operation, Logiwa solutions include a “bottleneck solver” functionality. This functionality detects bottlenecks and gives suggestions to resolve them. E.g. packing stations can’t keep up with picking process. There is a queue of 10 orders on average at any time at packing stations waiting to be packed. If two resources are moved from receiving to packing, the bottleneck will be resolved and cycle time will be reduced.

Logiwa has proven this methodology by reducing cycle time by 10% on average in last 50 apparel retail projects.

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