Profitably Fulfilling Orders in Today’s Multichannel Environment

Profitably Fulfilling Orders in Today’s Multichannel Environment

Profitably fulfilling customer orders

Profitably fulfilling customer orders in today’s global, multichannel environment is more difficult and complicated than ever. Supply chains are longer and more complex. Customers have more shopping options, leading to more complex paths to purchase and multifaceted order management issues.
The challenges are magnified by the fact that many companies have implemented processes and systems for order fulfillment, resulting in a lack of order visibility across the company. This causes an inability to efficiently manage the order lifecycle, resulting in lower order fill rates, higher expedited orders and increased customer satisfaction issues. The challenge for all supply chain partners is to find ways to profitably deliver seamless multi-channel order experiences.

Small business retailers to achieve greater customer satisfaction

Logiwa Order Management offers capabilities for profitably promising and fulfilling orders across multi-site distribution networks order orchestration, profitable order promising and inventory visibility. Together, these capabilities enable small business retailers to achieve greater customer satisfaction while optimizing the utilization of inventory, labor and logistics assets across all levels of the supply chain.

Visibility with a real-time view of inventory

Logiwa Order Management provides visibility with a real-time, time-phased view of on hand and projected inventory at all sites and in movement across the extended supply chain. Profitable order promising and order orchestration functionality leverage this projected inventory data to ensure that orders from all sales channels are fulfilled from the most profitable locations that match customer delivery windows and corporate strategies.

The combination of real-time visibility, order orchestration and profitable promising capabilities enable real-time, customer-centric order fulfillment decisions to be made that optimize the trade offs between costs, service, strategy and profitability in a dynamic, multi-level distribution environment.

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