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The Right Inventory Management System

Increase Sales Through Effective Inventory Management


Logiwa empowers clients to achieve the most by optimizing costs, improving customer service and reducing time to value; address the complexities and gaps of today’s global, customer-driven marketplace and cover the entire supply chain including planning and execution through any channel.

Omni-Channel Supply Chain

In the omni-channel model, without geographic boundaries, the customer likes the product in any sales channel, orders through any sales channel and gets the product delivered anywhere within any time slot and return it through any sales channel. Logiwa provides an efficient and proactive supply chain infrastructure and technology for the companies to apply omni-channel model effectively and seamlessly.

Retailers Ship More with Logiwa

Reduced operational costs increases your margins that end up either in price elasticity or increased marketing budget.

Logiwa leverages your sales through optimized margins by harmonizing all sales channels within the same supply chain and allowing you scale your supply chain.

Next Generation

Affordable Cloud

Achieve faster ROI with lower risk and enjoy continuous value with Logiwa Cloud WMS services. Logiwa Cloud WMS provides a seamless, smart, agile warehouse management solution in the cloud. Built upon cutting-edge, fully secure cloud platform and supply chain knowhow, Logiwa is the ultimate in data accessibility and interactivity.


In today’s global world, logistics needs are also evolving parallel to the change in business. Traditional solutions lack managing this change. Logiwa, through its years of WMS implementation experience, offers warehouse management solutions to manage and adapt to the change and evolving needs in supply chain management.

Don't Fear Selling More with Logiwa

Retail Focus

Focusing on the needs and challenges in the retail and eCommerce environment, Logiwa offers advanced functionality and expertise for retail supply chains.

Channel Synchronization

Connected sales supported by connected supply chain. Logiwa offers seamless integration with marketplaces and shopping carts. Orders and inventory is synchronized across sales channels.

Carrier Synchronization

Consumer is offered a wide variety of delivery options. Logiwa offers integration with carrier systems in order to make it effortless for you to offer more delivery options.

Retailers Operational Cost Savings

Logiwa ‘s order fulfillment functionality is designed to improve retail and e-commerce operations.

We provide smart process designs with cutting-edge technology to make it seamless. Automated integration to marketplaces, shopping carts and carriers helps you to manage order management, fulfillment and shipment processes with fewer resources.


Inaccurate transactions end up in higher costs in supply chain operations. When an inventory transaction is completed inaccurately, it means that it will be done twice if noticed right away. If not noticed, it will have bigger losses for the company such as shipping wrong item to the customer, locking down a location for counting. Doing transactions accurately in the first time brings cost efficiency to the supply chain transactions and obviously increases margins.


Seamless processes play a key role in fulfillment productivity. Warehouse Management System brings productivity to fulfillment operations.  Although workforce is crucial to accomplish the customer experience, smart logistics systems play a key role to enhance customer service and reduce costs by guiding the workforce efficiently.


In the multi-channel model, various sales points and delivery options are offered to the customer in sync. Therefore, inventory and all processes should be shared and be in-sync throughout all channels. At this point, especially traceability and visibility of inventory is crucial.

Retailers Achieve Inventory Accuracy

Backorder Handling

In e-commerce, the demand fluctuates on a daily basis. As a result, e-commerce warehouses face unpredictable backorders. Automatic allocation and packing of backorders during receiving is crucial in e-commerce.

Single-Item Orders

In e-commerce, the average number of single-item orders is around 30%-50%. A traditional warehouse management system is familiar with and good at picking pallets and boxes from the warehouse but not picking single items.

Temporary Employees

Parallel to the growth of an e-commerce company, it should be possible to subscribe new users on a temporary basis. The warehouse management system should allow subscribing more users when they are needed and unsubscribe them as the number of orders decrease.

Retailers Increase on Productivity with Logiwa

Shipment of Eaches

A traditional warehouse usually ships products directly to another business–mostly in higher quantities and in bulk. Whereas B2C warehousing involves a higher number of individual orders and smaller quantities within the order. E-commerce warehousing is all about operational speed, accuracy and customer service.


The fluctuations in demand require temporary workforce which means additional license, additional industrial scanners and training. An e-commerce warehouse management system should support all devices including smartphones and tablet PCs so that the temporary workers are able to use their own smart phones. Logiwa has been supporting many retailers through their growth process from 10 orders to 10,000 orders daily.

Multiple Sales Channels

The most challenging and critical process in the omni-channel model is inventory sharing throughout all sales channels. Required priorities, allocations and reservations should be included in the system through this cooperative infrastructure.

Seamless Integration across Multiple Sales Channels

Industry Specific in Retail

Apparel and Fashion

Logiwa helps fashion supply chain to be seamless and support fashion logistics against various challenges such as; assortments and flow-through processes, quality control and quarantine, reverse logistics, products with hangers, store inventory distribution.

Furniture and Household

Inventory management has been the biggest challenge for many furniture retailers. Logiwa helps furniture retailers with challenges such as; management of kits that consist of multiple items, sorting items into different kits, enhance warehouse space utilization, narrow aisle management.

Furniture & Household Industry

Electronics and Appliances

Logiwa makes technology supply chains seamless and improves technology supply chains as; serial number and warranty tracking, VAS management (labelling, installation etc.), detailed item based inventory control, shipment.

Food and Beverage

Food supply chains need to adapt to evolving market conditions. Logiwa provides improvements to food businesses such as; effective application of FIFO, FEFO and various picking strategies, traceability along the supply chain and recalls, packing, labelling, inventory visibility and accuracy, shipment.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Logiwa easily responds to needs and challenges of CPG supply chains such as; fast packing and labelling, traceability, application of FIFO, FEFO and various picking strategies, inventory visibility and accuracy.

Food & Beverage Industry
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