Increasing Warehouse Efficiency Through Technology

Increasing Warehouse Efficiency Through Technology

The first one is dynamic allocation process. When the orders are pulled from online and offline sales channels, the traditional systems direct pickers to the stock instantly. Yet, this doesn’t generate any job lists to assign to a picker or a team of pickers.

Secondly, traditional systems don’t offer any sorting/consolidation operation. That’s why retailers can only do order-based picking with a traditional inventory management software.

Thirdly, retailers have multiple sales channels in their frontend. When the orders come in from multiple channels, the traditional solutions do not allow retailers to share inventory across multiple sales channels.

Next Generation Systems Provide More Efficiency…

Today, thanks to Logiwa Inventory Management Software, retailers can apply different picking strategies in their warehouses such as wave picking, batch picking, group picking, cluster picking. It runs dynamic allocation for all the orders coming through multiple sales channels and creates tasks on the inventory and generates pick lists to assign to a picker or a team of picker.

In doing that, Logiwa Inventory Management Software applies walking path optimization for the pickers and also allows combining multiple sales channels or campaign orders in the same job list to provide more efficiency.

Lack of these functionalities results in too many number of people in a retailer’s warehouse. Consider that each picker goes into the warehouse and pick just one order and imagine how painful it can be for a growing retail company. Looking ahead, our retail clients anticipate that Logiwa Inventory Management Software plays a critical role in helping them achieve fulfillment excellence and seamless customer service.

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