Seamless Integration and Interfaces

Marketplaces & Shopping Carts
Shipment Carriers
ERP & Accounting Systems
Open Restful APIs

Marketplace & Shopping Cart Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with any marketplace and shopping cart. Logiwa Order Management System automatically synchronizes your orders, inventory and returns, pushes your shipment status and tracking number and synchronizes your item and listing data.

Order Fulfillment System - Marketplace Shopping Carts

Shipment Carrier Integrations

Achieve seamless and smooth integration with parcel and LTL carriers. Logiwa Order Management System automatically captures shipment tracking number and prints out shipment labels. It also captures shipment rates from all related carriers and helps you select the best rate for each order.


Order Fulfillment System - Carrier Integrations

ERP & Accounting Systems Integrations

Integrate effortless with ERP and accounting systems. Logiwa Order Managementt System automatically captures item data and purchase orders, pushes back receipt confirmation against purchase orders and captures item data. It also pushes client billing reports for 3PLs.

Order Fulfillment System - Accountign Integrations

Open Restful APIs

Import, export and search sales orders, shipments, inventory, purchase orders, receipts, billing data, available to promise and all the transactions with our Open APIs.

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