The Role of Inventory Management Software in Fast Moving Retail Business

The Role of Inventory Management Software in Fast Moving Retail Business

Faster than Ever

Today the world of retail is fast moving, ranges change with ever greater frequency and if products are not available at the point of sale on time, drastic sales loss occur especially in sectors with wide range product and fast moving stocks like fashion, apparel, households, electronics etc… As product options have grown, so has the difficulty in predicting which products customers will buy. Poor inventory management leads to too much inventory which ties up capital or too little inventory, which results in stock-outs and unhappy customers.

Synchronize Your Inventory

The first step to achieving a synchronized view of inventory is an inventory management system that incorporates human and system intelligence. By facilitating and incorporating this consolidated view into their supply chains, companies will satisfy their consumers at a higher level with lower total supply chain costs. These benefits can extend to their most important suppliers when businesses align processes and plans with an automated, consistent method for collaboration and communication.

Multi-Site and Multi-Channel

Logiwa provides multi-site and multi-channel level inventory control and inventory visibility, enabling you to control inventory shrink and meet customer demand more effectively. Retail and e-commerce companies understand the delicate balance required to provide an exceptional customer experience while maintaining tight control over costs. Logiwa Inventory Management solution addresses this challenge, giving companies visibility and control over inventory.

Channels share global inventory

Logiwa Inventory Management solutions provide a closed-loop control that forecasts the business, plans product movement, orchestrates suppliers, optimizes purchasing, anticipates workloads, and prepares just the right amount of fresh product to meet demand. It tracks all inventory transactions at all sites ordering, receiving, cycle counts, adjustments and transfers providing visibility into supply chain and other store inventory, enabling retailers to meet customer demand.


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