Logiwa Inventory Management Software is connected to BigCommerce

Logiwa Inventory Management Software is connected to BigCommerce

Inventory Management Software for BigCommerce

Logiwa provides an automated Inventory Management Software for BigCommerce sellers to manage their inventory efficiently.  BigCommerce is one of the most popular advanced platforms to build and customize e-commerce websites. Merchants can manage their related activities across the multi-channel marketplace.

Today, e-commerce is one of the most trending topics for an individual, for a small business, and even a large retailer who is selling their products online. Having the right inventory management system is as important as selecting the right platform to build an online store to make e-commerce operations more efficiently. With Logiwa and BigCommerce integration, online retailer companies can scale up their business faster and successfully. Logiwa Inventory Management Software allows sellers to connect their warehouse with BigCommerce platform by its easy configuration flow. Our clients can easily connect their inventory management software with BigCommerce by configuring their own account information.

Now our clients enjoy effortless and seamless integration with BigCommerce. Logiwa automatically synchronizes orders, inventory and returns, pushes your shipment status and tracking number and synchronizes your item and listing data.

Our clients can share your inventory across all sales channels. We avoid overselling and missing sales opportunities. You can push all available inventory without reserving for a certain sales channel.

How does Logiwa help BigCommerce users grow their brands?

  • Download & track shipment orders and their status easily
  • Automatically synchronize inventory
  • Update shipment status info in BigCommerce
  • Access all channel’s data (inventory, order, shipment, customer) from centralized system
  • Manage backend warehousing operations effortlessly
  • Get accurate inventory and performance reports
  • Get more visibility in supply chain processes

To learn more about our seamless integrations, take a product tour of how it works and why it helps e-commerce sellers.

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