Inventory Management Software for Small Retailers

Small but not limited functions

When we talk about inventory management software for small businesses, it shouldn’t mean software with limited functionality – nothing more than an excel file. Small businesses need to integrate with marketplaces, shopping carts, shipment carriers and accounting systems through APIs and EDIs as well. They should optimize your processes and improve efficiency through a user friendly interface and advanced algorithms on the background.

What we really mean when we ask for an inventory management software for small business should basically offer;

  • Easy and effortless setup
  • User-friendly interface
  • No initial investment

Fully Integrated

Logiwa is a perfect fit for small to medium businesses. This is a cloud based warehouse management system which offers advanced functionality and expertise for inventory management and order fulfillment in retail and e-commerce.

Orders, inventory and shipments are synchronized across your online network. It offers an effortless and seamless integration with marketplaces, shopping carts, shipment carriers and accounting systems such as;




Runs on Any Device

Most systems requires an industrial scanner to run on. However, with Logiwa, you can also use your smartphones and tablets. You can execute picking, packing and shipment real-time and fast through mobile applications. By using this system, you can create packages for shipmentg, ask for rates and print shipping labels from carriers.

Logiwa also offers detailed and easy to configure reports and dashboards screens.

warehouse monitoring


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