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QuickBooks is one of the leading accounting systems in North America. Logiwa WMS is connected to QuickBooks accounting system. With Logiwa’s seamless interfaces you can download purchase orders, sales orders, inventory items and SKUs, vendor data, customer data and you can upload receipt info, billing info etc.




Get Item and SKUs From QuickBooks

If your items are defined in QuickBooks, you can import them into Logiwa WMS automatically. If you do not have your items defined in QuickBooks, you can use our free SKU generator to create your SKU codes and you can import your items with Excel(You can download an excel template to generate SKU). If you are an online seller, we can also import your SKUs from your selling channels into Logiwa automatically.

Get Vendors From QuickBooks

If your vendors are defined in QuickBooks, you can automatically import your vendor list into Logiwa WMS. It is also possible to import your vendor list from an excel file or you can enter your vendors manually.



Get Customers From QuickBooks

If your customers are defined in QuickBooks, you can automatically import your customer list into Logiwa WMS. It is also possible to import your customer list from an excel file or you can enter your customers manually.

Get Purchase Orders

Although Logiwa WMS provides a purchase order management module, you may continue using QuickBooks for your purchasing processes. You can automate Logiwa WMS to download your purchase orders from QuickBooks.



Send Purchase Order Receipt Info

When you receive new product into Logiwa WMS against a purchase order, Logiwa will upload the received quantities. This process will increase your inventory in QuickBooks.



Send Sales Orders Shipments

When you ship an order, Logiwa WMS sends shipment quantity and related information to your QuickBooks account. This process decreases your inventory quantities in QuickBooks.



Send Return Receipts

Logiwa provides returns by customer interface with QuickBooks. When you receive a return against a sales order, the return receipt information will be sent to QuickBooks by Logiwa WMS. This process increases your inventory according to the state of the returning product.



Send Billing Info

This option is used by 3PL fulfillment centers to send the calculated billing transactions into QuickBooks.


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