Can I Upload Documents to my Receipt Order?

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Screen Path: WMS>Receipt Management>Receipt Order

In Logiwa, to upload documents to your receipt order, you need to go into the receipt order that you want to upload documents to, then you need to press the upload documents button at the top.

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You can upload documents in these formats : .jpg,.jpeg,.png,.pdf,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.csv,.txt

You can upload multiple documents.


Then you need to browse your computer for the file that you want to upload. Then press Open button. Your document will be uploaded.


















To download a document you need to press the download button at the top.


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hen a screen will pop up displaying the documents uploaded for this receipt order.


Receipt Order_QuickAnswers&FAQs_4







Press the blue download button, your document will be downloaded automatically.

You can download documents in these formats : .jpg,.jpeg,.png,.pdf,.doc,.docx,.xls,.xlsx,.csv,.txt



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