How to Delete Multiple Records In Logiwa?

You can delete records in Logiwa in 2 ways; By turning on the ‘Multi Select’ toggle on at the left bottom of the grid, then selecting the records. Please keep in mind that you can only delete 20 records at … Continue Reading

How Do I Check Why My Orders are not downloaded to Logiwa?

Screen Path:WMS>Reports>Integration Reports>Integration Log Tracking To check why your orders are not downloaded to Logiwa, you need to go to WMS>Reports>Integration Reports>Integration Log Tracking screen. You can search with Channel filter to narrow your results with the orders that you … Continue Reading

Why my inventory is not synced with Shopify?

Screen Path: WMS>Reports>Inventory Reports>Inventory Reports>Listing Inventory Report First of all make sure that you have inventory. Go to Listing Inventory Report screen and check your available stock Quantity.                       While … Continue Reading

How Can I Skip Picking and Start Packing directly?

Screen Path: WMS>Operations>Order Operations To start packing directly your orders’ status should be ‘Started’, if your orders’ status is ‘Entered’ you need to alocate your order with ‘Start Picking’ button.  Then Press the ‘Create Job’button , then select the Only Packing … Continue Reading

Why my shipping labels print blurry?

Make sure the DPI set in Settings > Printing > Printing Setup > Document Options matches the DPI configured in either CUPS (Mac) or Printer Preferences (Windows). For alignment issues, please try to calibrate your printer. If the issue continues: … Continue Reading

How To Import Purchase Orders

  Import Template can be downloaded from Purchase Order screen with the button ‘Download Excel Pattern’.             After filling the Excel file, ‘Import Purchase Order from Excel’ button is clicked and desired excel file is … Continue Reading

Why do I get ‘Check Inventory’ status on Orders?

Screen Path: WMS>Operations>Order Operations In Logiwa there are 5 possible reasons of getting the Check Inventory status on orders; 1-There is no inventory The out of stock inventory can be tracked from WMS>Reports>Inventory Reports>Listing Inventory Report.         … Continue Reading

How can I add a default phone number for my Shipment Labels?

Screen Path: Entity>Organization Default Phone Number information is taken from sender information. Each Sender is also created as an Organization within Logiwa. If you set the sender info on the Carrier Management screen,then you should change the phone number within … Continue Reading

What does Error Message ‘Missing or Invalid Ship From Company Name’ mean?

“Hard120200 Missing or invalid ship from company name” error message appears because of the character limits defined by UPS for company name on your Ship From address. For this reason, UPS Ship From company names have to include a maximum … Continue Reading

How Can I Auto Ship An Order When It is Shipped In ShipStation?

Screen Path: Entity>Store Management If you have set up the ShipStation integration, you can ship an order automatically through Logiwa. To do that you need to ensure that you have fulfilled the requirements below; Ship order automatically toggle under the … Continue Reading