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Screen Path: WMS > Inventory Count > Count Plan


Count Plan is a screen that allows the user to give a location to count an order and record it.


Count Plan



Fields Description


Count Plan screen can be seen below:


Count Plan 2


Count Plan Information:

  Code                                        A code assigned to the count plan by the user
  Description                          The description of the count plan.
  Inventory Site                    The inventory site where the count is occurring
  Warehouse    The warehouse site where the count is occurring


Other Information:

  Code    The client included in the count plan
  Count Plan Status    The count plan’s status
  Expected Start Date    The expected starting date of the count plan
  Expected Finish Date    The expected finishing date of the count plan



Searching for Count Plan

Creating a New Count Plan

Editing a Count Plan

Deleting a Count Plan

Count Plan’s Revision

Count Plan Location

Original Pallet

Original Inventory

Counted Pallet

Counted Inventory



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