How Do I Define Multiple Packages?

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Screen Path: WMS>SetUp> Item SetUp> Item

Logiwa WMS supports multiple pack type hierarchy.

  • When you create a new item, A pack type with UOM chosen, is created as a pack type automatically.
  • Go to package Type tab on item screen
  • You can click on New button on package Type tab and create a new Package Type for the item
  • Choose package Type, Enter a description and enter the UOM quantity included in this package


Scrn_Multiple Package 1


  • There has to be a hierarchy between the packages, if you have a pack with 10 Units, you can can’t have another pack with 15 Units.
  • If you a different barcode for your new pack, you can define it from Barcode Tab and assign the related Package Type. When you scan the Barcode system will automatically set the Package Type.


Scrn_Multiple Package 2


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