How do I check Why my order is not allocated?

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Screen Path: WMS>Operations>Order Operations

In Logiwa there are 5 possible reasons of getting the Check Inventory status on orders;

1-There is no inventory

The out of stock inventory can be tracked from WMS>Reports>Inventory Reports>Listing Inventory Report.

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2) The Location of the inventory might be Locked

The Locked status of a location can be viewed from WMS>Setup>Location>Location Setup screen

If your location is locked, then you can unlock it from that screen.



3) The location might not be a Picking Location

If Location Picking type is ‘No Picking’, no inventory can be allocated from there. You can change picking type to ‘Picking’ from location screen.


4)There might be no free inventory

You can track the free inventory quantity from WMS>Reports>Inventory Reports>Inventory Report

Free inventory means the inventory which is not allocated, during allocation system checks Free Quantity.

Inventory Report_QuickAnswers&FAQs_4










5) The inventory might be damaged

If the inventory is damaged, it can not be allocated for customer orders. You can track damaged inventory from WMS>Reports>Inventory Reports>Inventory Report. Damaged inventory can be checked from Quarantine and Suitability fields.

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