How Do I Pick An Order?

Screen Path: WMS > Mobile > Order Operations > Mobile Order Picking

To pick an order go to WMS > Operations > Order Operations screen select your order and allocate your items by using the create picking tasks button Picking 2 Logiwa WMS. Then you need to create a job by pressing the create job button Picking 3 Logiwa WMS.

On the next screen select your job type and client then press OK. Your job id will be displayed afterward.


Picking 4 Logiwa WMS


Picking 5 Logiwa WMS


To pick an order go to WMS > Mobile > Order Operations > Mobile Order Picking screen.


Picking 6 Logiwa WMS


Scan target location or LP.


Picking 7 Logiwa WMS


Scan the order number or the job number, and press Get Tasks button.


Picking 8 Logiwa WMS


Scan the source location or LP and barcode, quantity, do the same till you picked all the items in your order. Then a message that indicates the task is completed will be displayed.


Picking 9 Logiwa WMS


You can view the order status from the order operations screen.


Picking 10 Logiwa WMS



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