How to Create and Update Multiple Locations?

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Creating Location with Create Location Tab

Screen Path: WMS> Setup> Location Setup> Location

To create multiple locations with using create location button, Create Location button is clicked.


Location 22 Logiwa WMS


Location 23 Logiwa WMS


After Create Location button clicked, the recording page is displayed.

All the fields must be filled in to complete this transaction.


Location 24 Logiwa WMS


After the fields filled in, OK button is clicked and the transaction is completed.


Update Locations

Screen Path: WMS> Setup> Location Setup> Location

For a fast edit or change in the location information. First, the Multi-Select is set as true.


Location 25 Logiwa WMS


The Multi-Select button allows the user to select more than one location to update.

After choosing the desired locations (one or more) the Update Locations


Location 39 Logiwa WMS


Then the following screen will be displayed.


Location 26 Logiwa WMS


The desired information is updated and then the Ok button is clicked


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