How to Import a Location?

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Screen Path: WMS> Setup> Location Setup> Location

To import a location using an excel file, first, the Excel pattern must be downloaded.


Location 27 Logiwa WMS


Location 28 Logiwa WMS


In the following file, the field name is typed above its database ID, and under them both the data entered by the user. The red fields are mandatory for the party to be created through importing.

The Pattern is filled in and saved.


Location 29 Logiwa WMS

Afterwards, the Import Locations From Excel tab is clicked.


Location 30 Logiwa WMS


Location 31 Location WMS


The desired file is selected.


Location 32 Location WMS


A message: Then a message must be shown displaying “Operation completed” needs to be displayed in order to indicate the operation is completed successfully


Location 33 Location WMS



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