Increase Sales Through Effective Inventory Management

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Logiwa empowers clients to achieve the most by optimizing costs, improving customer service and reducing time to value; address the complexities and gaps of today’s global, customer-driven marketplace and cover the entire supply chain including planning and execution through any channel.

Retailers Ship More with Logiwa


How Logiwa provides an effective Inventory Management?

Reduced operational costs increases your margins that end up either in price elasticity or increased marketing budget.

Logiwa leverages your sales through optimized margins by harmonizing all sales channels within the same supply chain and allowing you scale your supply chain.


Logiwa ‘s order fulfillment functionality is designed to improve retail and e-commerce operations.

Logiwa provides smart process designs with cutting-edge technology to make it seamless. Automated integration to marketplaces, shopping carts and carriers helps you to manage order management, fulfillment and shipment processes with fewer resources.


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