Basic Actions of Location Screen

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Screen Path: WMS> Setup> Location Setup> Location

Location Search

The search button is clicked to view all the location.

While searching according to the specific criteria, Show Criteria is clicked.


Location 04 Logiwa WMS


Here a search for a location can be made through any of the following location’s information.

Creating a New Location

To create a new location, New button is clicked.

Code, Warehouse, Storage System, Aisle, and Aisle must be filled in.


Location 05 Logiwa WMS


After these fields are entered, Save button is clicked and the transaction is completed.


Changing Location Information

To change the location’s information, the desired location is selected.


Location 06 Logiwa WMS


After the desired location is opened, the Edit button is clicked.

After this transaction, the desired information is changed then the Save button is clicked.

Deleting Location

To delete an existing location, the desired location is selected. After the location is selected, the Delete button is clicked.

After Delete button is clicked, this warning message is displayed:


Delete Message Logiwa WMS


If OK button is clicked, the location is deleted.



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