Main Buttons in Logiwa WMS

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Main Buttons

The main buttons consist of the Search, New, Edit, Save, Delete, Clear, Edit Layout, Show Video, and Download Manual buttons. These buttons will be displayed in most of the screens of this platform and they will perform as control tools for your screen.


Main Buttons Logiwa WMS

Search Button

The first button is the Search button colored in green. It is used to search and display the results either in specific criteria or it displays all the results without any filters.


Serach Button Logiwa WMS

New Button

The second button is the New button colored in blue. It is used to create a new record according to the screen being displayed. For example, if the user’s screen is displayed, pressing the New button will initiate creating a user form.


New Button Logiwa WMS

Edit Button

The third button is the Edit button colored in light grey. This button is used for editing and changing pre-entered information on the record.


Edit Button Logiwa WMS

Save Button

The fourth button is the Save button colored in orange. This button is usually used to save the information of the new record (Create) or the information edited and changed from a record (Edit).


Sav Button Logiwa WMS

Delete Button

The fifth button is the Delete button colored in red. This button is used to delete the selected record.


Delete Button Logiwa WMS

Clear Button

The sixth button is the Clear button colored in violet. This button is used to clear all the fields on the forms.


Clear Button Logiwa WMS

Edit Layout

The seventh button is the Edit Layout button colored in dark grey. This button is used to hide or view fields from the screen according to the user’s preferences.


Edit Layout Button Logiwa WMS

Show Video

The eighth button is the Show Video button colored in orange. This button is used to show a video on how to proceed on the following screen


Show Video Button Logiwa WMS

Download Manual

The ninth button is the Download Manual button colored in blue. This button is used to download the manual of the screen the user is currently displaying.


Download Manual Button Logiwa WMS


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