How Do I Pick Multiple Orders?

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Screen Path: WMS > Mobile > Order Management > Mobile Order Picking

To pick multiple orders go to WMS > Operations > Order Operations screen, select your orders and  allocate your items  by using the create picking tasks button Picking 2 Logiwa WMS. Then you need to create a job by pressing the create job button Picking 3 Logiwa WMS.

On the next screen select your job type and client then press OK. Your job id will be displayed afterwards.


Picking 11 Logiwa WMS


Picking 12 Logiwa WMS


To pick orders go to WMS > Mobile > Order Operations > Mobile Order Picking screen.


Picking 13 Logiwa WMS


Scan the target location or LP.


Picking 14 Logiwa WMS


Scan the order number or the job number, and press Get Tasks button.


Picking 15 Logiwa WMS


Scan the source location or LP and barcode, quantity, do the same till you picked all the items in your orders. Then a message that indicates the task is completed will be displayed.


Picking 16 Logiwa WMS


You can view the order status from the order operations screen.


Picking 17 Logiwa WMS



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