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Screen Path: WMS> Receipt Operations> Purchase Order


Explanation: A purchase order is an official offer between a buyer and a seller including time, items, quantities and prices. For the warehouse, it is a pre-information for the goods which will arrive in a warehouse.


Logiwa WMS PO 1


Field Descriptions


Logiwa WMS PO 2


Purchase Order Information


  Code    The purchase order’s code
  Client    The Client requesting the purchase order
  Supplier    The supplier receiving the purchase order
  Supplier Address    The supplier’s address
  Inventory site    The Inventory site of the Client


Other Information


  Purchase Order Type    The type of the purchase order
  Purchase Order Status    The status of the purchase order
  Project    The Project that the purchase order is assigned to
  Entry Date Time    The Entry Date Time of the purchase order
  Requested Delivery Date    The requested delivery date of the purchase order.
  Download Documents    The PO can be downloaded as a pdf document
  Upload Documents    The PO can be uploaded as a pdf file.

 The user can perform below-mentioned functions by clicking on Purchase Order option:

  1. Searching for a Purchase Order
  2. Creating a new Purchase Order
  3. Changing a Purchase Order
  4. Deleting a Purchase Order
  5. Assign an Item to the Purchase Order
  6. Assign a Kit Items
  7. Import a Purchase Order from Excel
  8. Create a Receipt Order by Purchase Order
  9. Create Excel From Detailed Purchase Order

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