How Do I SetUp My Stores In Logiwa?

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Screen Path: Entity>Store Management

To setup your carriers go to the store management screen.


Store 1 Logiwa WMS


Select your client and warehouse then press Start Setup button.

On the next screen select the store that you want to set up. Fill in the store credentials then press the save button.


Store 2 Logiwa WMS


The use of the options at the right side is explained below;

If stock levels change in Logiwa, should this store be updated?: This updates the store inventory to show the inventory on Logiwa, be careful when using this option if you do not  have inventory on Logiwa this option will update the store inventory as 0 on store inventory

Is Use Partial Listing?:  If you want to ship the items which already exist on Logiwa you can use this feature. If you want to get all the items that are not existing on Logiwa, don’t use this option.

Is Use Partial Shipment?:  For example, If you have an order with items  A B and C  on Shopify, however you only have the item A and B on Logiwa as master data you can receive the order without the item C

When an order is shipped in Logiwa, update my store and mark the order as ‘shipped’?: This sends the shipment info to Shopify.

Is Use SKU as Item Code?: To use the SKU as item code in Shopify you need to turn the option on

Do Not Update Order When Started?: This prevents the order to be updated during the process.

How Often My Data is synced with my Store?

  • Order Download
    • Every 10 min
  • Order Download When There are Multiple Channels
    • Every 2 min
  • Item Download
    • Every 180 min
  • Shipment Feed
    • Every 20 min 
  • Full Inventory Sync
    • Once a day
  • Partial Inventory Sync
    • Immediate (When there is a new order, new item, receipt)


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