How To Adjust Inventory

Screen Path: WMS>Mobile>Count Operations>Instant Count

In Logiwa, to adjust the inventory, you need to perform a Count Operation. You need to navigate to WMS>Mobile>Instant Count.

You need to scan the location in which you want to adjust inventory.


On the following screen you need to scan the Pallet (LP) that you want to adjust inventory, if there is no Pallet (LP) in the location you can skip this step by clicking “No LP” button.


On the next screen, you need to scan the item barcode that you want to adjust and press ‘Conf’ button. To adjust an inventory you need to count all the inventory in the specified location, it is not possible to adjust the quantity of only 1 item. After you complete adjusting the inventory press ‘Result’ button.


Below is an example of how the Result page looks like.


If you close the screen without using the buttons, the location will be locked, to unlock it you need to go to locations page.

Actual LP Count: The number of LPs in the location

Actual Item Count: The number of items in the location

Lost LP: The LPs have not been counted.

Lost Qty: The quantity that have not been counted.

Excess Qty: The excessive quantity in the location

Complete Button: If you completed the count press this button and an administrator can review and approve the result

Update Button: If you completed the count operation and you have the administrative rights you can update the quantity and the system will replace the quantity that you have provided with the quantity in the system.

Cancel Button: If you are not sure about the result you can press the ‘Cancel’ button.

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