Increase Sales Through Effective Inventory Management


Logiwa empowers clients to achieve the most by optimizing costs, improving customer service and reducing time to value; address the complexities and gaps of today’s global, customer-driven marketplace and cover the entire supply chain including planning and execution through any channel.

Retailers Ship More with Logiwa


How Logiwa provides an effective Inventory Management?

Reduced operational costs increases your margins that end up either in price elasticity or increased marketing budget.

Logiwa leverages your sales through optimized margins by harmonizing all sales channels within the same supply chain and allowing you scale your supply chain.


Logiwa ‘s order fulfillment functionality is designed to improve retail and e-commerce operations.

Logiwa provides smart process designs with cutting-edge technology to make it seamless. Automated integration to marketplaces, shopping carts and carriers helps you to manage order management, fulfillment and shipment processes with fewer resources.


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A Comparison of Order Picking Strategies

Order Based Picking | Cluster Picking | Batch Picking

Deciding proper picking strategy is an essential process of retail warehousing that most of the operational costs occur in this process. More efficient picking process will end up dramatic cost savings. That’s why an advanced inventory management software creates a higher return on investment through the efficient management of picking processes. An Inventory Management Software should have the flexibility to apply different picking strategies based on the requirements of the warehouse, product type or order structure.


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7 Questions You Should Ask Your WMS Vendor – Logiwa WMS

Q1. What is Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

Q2. What are the main challenges of traditional warehousing?

Q3. What are the main functions of a traditional WMS?

Q4. What are the challenges of an e-commerce warehouse?

Q5. What are the main benefits of an e-commerce WMS?

Q6. What are the new KPIs for e-commerce warehousing?

Q7. What are the outcomes for the owner?


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Poor Inventory Management Can Cost You Lots of $$$ in E-commerce – Logiwa WMS

Inventory management is the unsexy part of running an e-commerce business that includes warehouse, operations, order management etc. E-commerce business owners (Sellers on Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, Jet and the endless list of marketplaces) tend to focus on selling their products, be mad about digital marketing, manage their PPC campaigns, check their social media feeds more often than they take a look at their watch etc. And finally, their product gets the buybox, achieves the Best Seller Rank that they could only see in their dreams.

On that unfortunate rainy and gloomy day, what could happen worse. They were out-of-stock with the item that they have spent tons of marketing-money, their days and nights to increase its ranking. When you don’t have inventory to sell, all you have done for marketing becomes meaningless. Amazon and other marketplaces drop you like a bad habit.

Let’s cut the chase; without inventory, you can’t get any sales. In fact, you will be “ghosted” on Amazon, your dear listing will be resting in the graveyard of Amazon listings. The bad thing isn’t even that you can’t generate money. But it is also the results of not having a listing; decreased ranking, Best Seller Rank free falling, and allowing the competition to smash you. Now it’s time for you to check your shipment status more often than your Facebook feeds.

At least there is nothing else to do on this gloomy day but to come up with some lessons. Why did that happen? Let’s see that through the out-of-stock experience of one of our clients who then decided to use Logiwa for inventory management.


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