Count Location

Screen Path: WMS > Inventory Count > Count Location

Explanation: Count location is the location inside a warehouse where the count plan is planned to occur.


SCRN_Count Location 1


In this screen, all location records are displayed and filters are used to show specific location records instead of all of the records.


In this screen, the desired locations are selected and assigned to the desired count plan.

First, the desired locations are searched. Search can be done through the following filters:

SCRN_Count Location 2


Then the Search button is clicked.

SCRN_Count Location 3


If the Search button is clicked without entering any filters all the locations in the system will be displayed.


SCRN_Count Location 4


After getting the search results the desired locations are selected and then from the Operations tab below the Add Selected Locations to Count Plan tab is clicked.


SCRN_Count Location 5


Then the following screen will be shown:

SCRN_Count Location 6


After choosing the Count Plan and the Revision (the normal one), that these locations will be assigned to, OK button is clicked and the transaction on this screen will be completed.

When the Transaction is completed, these locations will be assigned to the chosen Revision record. And the following locations will be added automatically and a snapshot of the stock will be taken to the original Revision record in the same Count Plan record.

The assigned locations should be locked from any other actions.


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