How Can I Change A Customer Address?

Screen Path: Entity>Organization

Screen Path: Entity>Shipment Order


To change a customer address in Logiwa, go to Organization screen.

Select the related organization for the customer, then click the Address tab.

Click the Edit button then make the changes to customer address.


Update Address 1


After all the changes are done, click the Save button then your process is completed.

For the second option, go to Shipment Order screen.

In this screen, you can change a customer address which is related to any order in your system. Select the order and click the Edit button.

To change a customer address, you have to click the underlined  ‘customer’ word on the screen.


Update Address 2


The pop-up will appear. In this pop-up, make the intended changes and click the ‘OK’ button. Then your process is completed.


Update Address 3




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