How to Delete Multiple Records In Logiwa?

You can delete records in Logiwa in 2 ways;

  1. By turning on the ‘Multi Select’ toggle on at the left bottom of the grid, then selecting the records. Please keep in mind that you can only delete 20 records at a time.




2.By holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key and hoovering the mouse to the desired records to delete them.




















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How Do I Set a Safety Stock Level?

Screen Path: WMS>Setup> Item Setup> Item


To create a safety stock level, you need to go to item setup screen.


Safety Stock Level - Logiwa WMS Settings


Fill in the field ‘safety stock level’ then create your item. You will have a designated safety stock level.


Safety Stock Level Report - Logiwa WMS


You can see Available To Promise quantities and Safety Stock Levels from WMS> Reports>Inventory Reports>Available To Promise Report


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Screen Path: WMS> Setup> Location Setup> Location

Explanation: Location is an area inside the warehouse that has some specific address and functionality.

An example of the locations is a receiving location in which it has a unique address and contains the functionality of receiving inventory items.


Location 1 Logiwa WMS

Fields Description


Location 02 Logiwa WMS



Location Information


  Code    Location’s name
  Client    Location’s Client
  Warehouse    Location’s warehouse
  Storage    Location’s Storage type
  Aisle    The aisle which the location is located in


Other Information


  Picking Priority                                 Location’s picking priority level
  Put Away Priority    Location’s put away priority level


Location Functionality

The user can execute below-mentioned functions by clicking on Location option.

  1. Location Search
  2. Creating a New Location
  3. Changing Location Information
  4. Deleting Location
  5. Location’s Functions
    1. Adding Functions to a Location
    2. Changing Functions of  a Location
    3. Deleting function of a Location
  6. Location  Capacity
    1. Adding a Pallet Capacity
    2. Changing an LP Pallet Capacity
    3. Deleting an LP Pallet Capacity
  7. Location’s Pack Capacity
    1. Adding a Pack Capacity
    2. Changing a Pack Capacity
    3. Deleting a Pack Capacity
  8. Location’s Picking Constraints
    1. Adding a Picking Constraints
    2. Changing a Picking Constraints
    3. Deleting a Picking Constraints
  9. Creating Multiple Location with Create Location Tab
  10. Updating Multiple Location
  11. Importing a Location
  12. Printing a Location Label



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How Do I Print Item Barcode?

Screen Path: WMS>Setup>Item Setup>Item


To print an item barcode, go to Item screen.

In this screen, select the item which you want to print then click the ‘Item Label’ function button at the bottom left of the screen.


Print Barcode



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What Are Item Default Settings?

Screen Path: WMS>SetUp> Item SetUp> Item

In Logiwa, there are some setups that need to be defined within the system.

  • Client: It shows the owner of the item
  • Package Type: Logiwa supports pack type hierarchy, there must be at least 1 package type for the product. The first package type will be defined automatically by the system as the Consumer Unit of the item
  • Barcode: Logiwa requires barcode scanning in mobile operations. You can define more than 1 barcode for an item. If you need to enter SKU in your operations, you should add SKU as a barcode


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How Do I Export My Products From Logiwa WMS?

Screen Path: WMS>SetUp> Item SetUp> Item

You can export products as an Excel file using Logiwa. Every page can have maximum 200 records, so It is a useful tool when you need to see your products as a full list.

Search for the products from Item screen, then press on the Excel icon on the left bottom corner of the Grid. Excel list will be downloaded and opened automatically and it will have the exact same columns that you have on the screen.




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How Do I Import Products?

Screen Path: WMS>SetUp> Item SetUp> Item

To upload Products as Bulk, you need to have excel template. If you don’t have the template, Download it from ‘Download Excel Template’ button.



Red fields on the Template are mandatory to fill.

Once you fill the Excel Template, Use ‘Import Item By Excel’, select the file and import. If the Upload is successful, it will give you an Import Key, you can use it to check the batch you already uploaded.




If there is a problem with your Template, it will not import any of the data and show the Error message with the Line Name.




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