How Do I SetUp Kit Items?

Screen Path: WMS>SetUp> Item SetUp> Item

Logiwa supports kit creation. Here are the basics of creating a kit item:

  • Components of a kit item should be defined as separate items.
  • Kit item should be defined as a separate item and ‘Kit Item?’ flag must be checked on Item screen




  • There are 2 ways to manage kit items within the system, choose the ItemType according to your process

               1- If you produce kit item in the warehouse and pick the actual Kit Item, choose Item Type as ‘Produced’

               2-If you pick the components of the kit item instead of kit creation, choose Item Type as ‘Kit’

  • Build the relation between the kit item and components by clicking on the Components tab on the Item screen.
  • Choose the component item, enter the quantity included and save.


Scrn_Kit Item



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