How Do I Setup My Warehouse Locations?

Screen Path: WMS > Setup > Location Setup > Location


There are 2 ways to create warehouse locations;

  1. Manual entry through User Interface
  2. Import warehouse location from Excel


Manual Entry Through User Interface

To create a location go to Location screen click new button Location 37 Location WMS.

On the next screen fill in the form and click save button.Location 38 Location WMS


Setup Warehouse Location - Location WMS Locations


Import Warehouse Location from Excel.

To create a Warehouse Location by Excel import go to the location screen, download the excel template by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen


Setup Warehouse Location Import Button- Location WMS


After downloading the template, fill in the form and import the file by import purchase order from Excel button, then the location will be created.


Setup Warehouse Location Excel- Location WMS


Quick Access: Logiwa Main Buttons


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How Can I Close A Bin /Location To Allocation?

Screen Path: WMS>Setup>Location Setup>Location


To close a bin/location to allocation you need to select No picking option under the picking type field upon location creation.


Close Bin Location Allocation - Logiwa WMS



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