Screen Path: WMS> Setup> Location Setup> Location

Explanation: Location is an area inside the warehouse that has some specific address and functionality.

An example of the locations is a receiving location in which it has a unique address and contains the functionality of receiving inventory items.


Location 1 Logiwa WMS

Fields Description


Location 02 Logiwa WMS



Location Information


  Code    Location’s name
  Client    Location’s Client
  Warehouse    Location’s warehouse
  Storage    Location’s Storage type
  Aisle    The aisle which the location is located in


Other Information


  Picking Priority                                 Location’s picking priority level
  Put Away Priority    Location’s put away priority level


Location Functionality

The user can execute below-mentioned functions by clicking on Location option.

  1. Location Search
  2. Creating a New Location
  3. Changing Location Information
  4. Deleting Location
  5. Location’s Functions
    1. Adding Functions to a Location
    2. Changing Functions of  a Location
    3. Deleting function of a Location
  6. Location  Capacity
    1. Adding a Pallet Capacity
    2. Changing an LP Pallet Capacity
    3. Deleting an LP Pallet Capacity
  7. Location’s Pack Capacity
    1. Adding a Pack Capacity
    2. Changing a Pack Capacity
    3. Deleting a Pack Capacity
  8. Location’s Picking Constraints
    1. Adding a Picking Constraints
    2. Changing a Picking Constraints
    3. Deleting a Picking Constraints
  9. Creating Multiple Location with Create Location Tab
  10. Updating Multiple Location
  11. Importing a Location
  12. Printing a Location Label



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