How Can I Auto Ship An Order When It is Shipped In ShipStation?

Screen Path: Entity>Store Management

If you have set up the ShipStation integration, you can ship an order automatically through Logiwa. To do that you need to ensure that you have fulfilled the requirements below;

  • Ship order automatically toggle under the Store Management screen must be true.  

Store Management_QuickAnswers&FAQs_1



  • The Default Ship Location and Default Pallet Type fields under the Warehouse screen must be filled in, otherwise you will encounter with “Please define a pallet type to warehouse” error.

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Store Management_QuickAnswers&FAQs_3



  • The allocated and picked items must be in a location where  “Packing” location function is true.

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  • If the order has not been allocated yet, only the Tracking number and the Carrier of the order will be updated.



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