How to Delete Multiple Records In Logiwa?

You can delete records in Logiwa in 2 ways;

  1. By turning on the ‘Multi Select’ toggle on at the left bottom of the grid, then selecting the records. Please keep in mind that you can only delete 20 records at a time.




2.By holding down the ‘Ctrl’ key and hoovering the mouse to the desired records to delete them.




















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How Do I Check Why My Orders are not downloaded to Logiwa?

Screen Path:WMS>Reports>Integration Reports>Integration Log Tracking

To check why your orders are not downloaded to Logiwa, you need to go to WMS>Reports>Integration Reports>Integration Log Tracking screen. You can search with Channel filter to narrow your results with the orders that you are having problems


Integration Log Tracking_QuickAnswers&FAQs_1


On the following screen where your orders’ integration status is displayed, you can see if the integration is succesful or not.

Referance code stands for SKU in get items and sync inventory operations, it stands for Order Code in Get Orders and Send Shipment info operations.

Please check the error message on this page to see the reason for not downloading.


Integration Log Tracking_QuickAnswers&FAQs_2











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Why my inventory is not synced with Shopify?

Screen Path: WMS>Reports>Inventory Reports>Inventory Reports>Listing Inventory Report

First of all make sure that you have inventory. Go to Listing Inventory Report screen and check your available stock Quantity.

Listing Inventory Report_QuickAnswers&FAQs_1












While creating a product on Shopify, Don’t Track inventory should not be selected.






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How Can I Skip Picking and Start Packing directly?

Screen Path: WMS>Operations>Order Operations

To start packing directly your orders’ status should be ‘Started’, if your orders’ status is ‘Entered’ you need to alocate your order with ‘Start Picking’ button. Order Operations_QuickAnswers&FAQs_1

Then Press the ‘Create Job’buttonOrder Operations_QuickAnswers&FAQs_3 , then select the Only Packing job type.

Order Operations_QuickAnswers&FAQs_3












Then go to WMS>Order Management>Order Packing screen to start packing.

When you start packing, please scan your shipment location as start location.


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Why my shipping labels print blurry?

Make sure the DPI set in Settings > Printing > Printing Setup > Document Options matches the DPI configured in either CUPS (Mac) or Printer Preferences (Windows).

For alignment issues, please try to calibrate your printer.

If the issue continues:

Please check your printer preferences and make sure the media size is correct.

Remove any margin values.

Disable User printer settings in the Advanced Setup tab.

Increase the darkness option (this can be a trial & error process).

Adjust dithering settings (this can be a trial & error process).

Slow down printer speed (if labels print only partially, this could be the culprit!)


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How To Import Purchase Orders


  • Import Template can be downloaded from Purchase Order screen with the button ‘Download Excel Pattern’.

Purchase Order_QuickAnswers&FAQs_1







  • After filling the Excel file, ‘Import Purchase Order from Excel’ button is clicked and desired excel file is chosen.


Purchase Order_QuickAnswers&FAQs_2








Purchase Order_QuickAnswers&FAQs_3

















Then a message must be shown displaying Operation completed



  • Update or partial import is not possible for an order. All the information and lines of an order must be imported within 1 excel file.


  • Supplier and address data is defined with the information given; there is no need to define before.
  • Item and packing type must be defined before so that system does not create the item if the item code does not exist.
  • 3rd row must include only the field names given and the data must start from the 4th row. Otherwise the system will give an error.
  • If there is an error, any missing data, etc. All of the file will be roll-backed and the errors must be fixed and file must be imported again.
  • Enter Character is not allowed in the system. There must not be any Enter Character in the data.
  • If the supplier and supplier address (City, State, Country, Address Type and Address text) is not defined before, these records will be created during import.  
  • All of the file will be roll-backed and the errors must be fixed and file must be imported again if there is an error, any missing data, etc.
  • Every batch has a unique number; this number is created during import and shown in the dialog box at the end of the import operation. With this number the imported data can be checked.
  • For a purchase order code each row with the columns including the data related to order –not the order line- must have the same data.






  • “Data should start at 4th row”



Start entering your order data at 4th row of excel import file and do not delete or change the place of any of the first three rows. Thought you can change the place of the columns as you like.

Purchase Order_QuickAnswers&FAQs_4






  • “Purchase order is already created. Purchase Order Code: ” + dataValue_ + “. Row Number: ” + dataValue_ + “. “



Check the order codes as this means there is an order in system with the order code you are trying to import.


  • “Row count cannot be more than 1000 at once”   



An import file can only contain 1000 lines, please check your file and make a new file if you have more than 1000 rows to import. Also keep in mind that an order code cannot be imported more than once so do not divide your order lines into two import files, always have all the lines for an order in one file.

  • “There is a discrepancy between data of this order. Please check order rows. Purchase Order code: ” + dataValue_ + “. “  

This error is only valid for multi-line orders. When you want to import an order with multi detail lines, you need to mention header data (receipt order code, warehouse, client, supplier etc.) on every row. And on every row this data must be the same or else it creates a conflict, for example on every row of the order customer code has to be same because an order can only have one customer.  

  • “There is no data to import”


This usually happens when you forget to save your data before closing the excel file. This is a very self-explanatory message which means your excel is empty basically.

  • “Purchase Order Import Completed. Import Key Number : PurchaseOrderImport-” + time Stamp_”


This is the only message we want to see as this means everything went well and import was successful also integration key generated for this import batch is displayed for you to use if you want to process or check orders specifically belong to this batch.

Purchase Order_QuickAnswers&FAQs_5






Cannot be Null Errors


Some fields are mandatory for an order record to be created in the system. These fields are identified and can be distinguished by red field names on import template.

Purchase Order_QuickAnswers&FAQs_6





  • “Order code cannot be null : PUOR_CODE”
  • “Order type cannot be null : PUOR_PURCHASEORDERTYPEID”
  • “Order status cannot be null : PUOR_PURCHASEORDERSTATUSID”
  • “Inventory Site cannot be null: PUOR_INVENTORYSITEID”
  • “Depositor cannot be null : PUOR_DEPOSITORID”
  • “Supplier code cannot be null : PUOR_SUPPLIERID”
  • “Address code cannot be null : PUOR_SUPPLIERADDRESSID or PAAD_CODE”
  • “Item code cannot be null: PUOI_PURCHASEITEMID”
  • “Item Pack type cannot be null : PUOI_INVENTORYITEMPACKTYPEID”
  • ” Pack Quantity cannot be less than zero : PUOI_QUANTITY”


Field Mandatory
Order Code Yes
Order Type Yes
Order Status Yes
Inventory Site Yes
Client Yes
Supplier Code Yes
Address Code Yes
Address Type (Only when the address is new)
Address Text (Only when the address is new)
City (Only when the address is new)
State (Only when the address is new)
Country (Only when the address is new)
Item Code Yes
Item Pack Type Yes
Pack Quantity Yes


Cannot be Found Errors


Some fields reference the master data which needs to be created prior to import order like warehouse, inventory site, inventory item etc. When the data entered in these fields does not match any of the master records in the system, import operation cannot be completed and an error is being displayed indicating the data does not exist in the system.


  • Purchase order type cannot be found: ” + dataValue_ + “. Column : PUOR_PURCHASEORDERTYPEID
  • Purchase order status cannot be found: ” + dataValue_ + “. Column : PUOR_PURCHASEORDERSTATUSID
  • Inventory site cannot be found: ” + dataValue_ + “. Column : PUOR_INVENTORYSITEID
  • Depositor cannot be found: ” + dataValue_ + “. Column : PUOR_DEPOSITORID
  • Inventory cannot be found: ” + dataValue_ + “. Column : PUOI_PURCHASEITEMID
  • Item pack type cannot be found: ” + dataValue_ + “. Column : PUOI_INVENTORYITEMPACKTYPEID



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Why do I get ‘Check Inventory’ status on Orders?

Screen Path: WMS>Operations>Order Operations

In Logiwa there are 5 possible reasons of getting the Check Inventory status on orders;

1-There is no inventory

The out of stock inventory can be tracked from WMS>Reports>Inventory Reports>Listing Inventory Report.


Listing Inventory Report_QuickAnswers&FAQs_1











2) The Location of the inventory might be Locked

The Locked status of a location can be viewed from WMS>Setup>Location>Location Setup screen

If your location is locked, then you can unlock it from that screen.


3) The location might not be a Picking Location

If Location Picking type is ‘No Picking’, no inventory can be allocated from there. You can change picking type to ‘Picking’ from location screen.


4)There might be no free inventory

You can track the free inventory quantity from WMS>Reports>Inventory Reports>Inventory Report

Free inventory means the inventory which is not allocated, during allocation system checks Free Quantity.


Inventory Report_QuickAnswers&FAQs_4










5) The inventory might be damaged

If the inventory is damaged, it can not be allocated for customer orders. You can track damaged inventory from WMS>Reports>Inventory Reports>Inventory Report. Damaged inventory can be checked from Quarantine and Suitability fields.

Inventory Report_QuickAnswers&FAQs_5














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How can I add a default phone number for my Shipment Labels?

Screen Path: Entity>Organization

Default Phone Number information is taken from sender information. Each Sender is also created as an Organization within Logiwa.

If you set the sender info on the Carrier Management screen,then you should change the phone number within related organisation. However if you did not do that, client organization is taken as a default, so  you can go to the organization of the client that you have set up.

To add a default phone number for label creation, go to Organization screen. Select the organization that you want to add a default phone number and fill in the field Carrier Default Phone Number  then press the Save button .Organization_QuickAnswers&FAQs_1
































Your default phone number for label will be saved.

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What does Error Message ‘Missing or Invalid Ship From Company Name’ mean?

Hard120200 Missing or invalid ship from company name” error message appears because of the character limits defined by UPS for company name on your Ship From address. For this reason, UPS Ship From company names have to include a maximum of 35 chars (including spaces).

Also you need to change the Customer name from the Shipment order screen, you will first go to edit mode by clicking the edit button at the top of the screen, then double click to Customer field. On the popped up screen you can change the customer name.


Shipment Order_QuickAnswers&FAQs_2












Shipment Order_QuickAnswers&FAQs_2





















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How Can I Auto Ship An Order When It is Shipped In ShipStation?

Screen Path: Entity>Store Management

If you have set up the ShipStation integration, you can ship an order automatically through Logiwa. To do that you need to ensure that you have fulfilled the requirements below;

  • Ship order automatically toggle under the Store Management screen must be true.  

Store Management_QuickAnswers&FAQs_1



  • The Default Ship Location and Default Pallet Type fields under the Warehouse screen must be filled in, otherwise you will encounter with “Please define a pallet type to warehouse” error.

Store Management_QuickAnswers&FAQs_2



Store Management_QuickAnswers&FAQs_3



  • The allocated and picked items must be in a location where  “Packing” location function is true.

Store Management_QuickAnswers&FAQs_4



  • If the order has not been allocated yet, only the Tracking number and the Carrier of the order will be updated.



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