LA Software is in the Best WMS Software List

We are proud to announce that LA Software has been listed in the  Top 50 of the best WMS software list that Camcode rounded up recently.

Camcode, a worldwide recognized leader in the asset tracking applications, has just prepared a guide list -in no particular order- that contain best WMS software and tools to make warehouse management more feasible for warehouse managers to better handle their workload.

The criteria of being one of the listed WMS firm is to contain all of the features and capabilities that make inventory, workflow, scanning,  order fulfillment, shipping, and tracking more manageable.

Founded in 2004, as LA Software, we are a supply chain technology company serving global leaders as well as small businesses. We provide best-of-breed, smart warehouse management solutions that empower companies to achieve by optimizing costs, increasing profitability and reducing time to value.

Our solutions are mostly directed on new generation smart logistics and warehouse management systems that include cloud warehouse management and voice logistics systems. We use cloud based, flexible, well designed and multi-client order fulfillment and WMS applications with available integration tools to increase our clients margins with no extra investment.

In addition, our e-commerce and omni channel order fulfillment solutions are easy to configure, capable of responding to various industries with our expertise & knowledgeable team of supply chain engineers.

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