Logiwa and EazyStock Join Forces to Optimize Supply Chains

EazyStock, a division of Syncron, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Logiwa, a warehouse management system and solution provider based in Chicago, Illinois.

Logiwa was founded in 2004 and is a leading supply chain technology company serving global enterprises, as well as, small businesses in the distribution, wholesale, e-commerce and retail industries. Logiwa provides innovate warehouse management solutions that empower companies to achieve more by optimizing costs, increasing profitability and reducing time to value.

Logiwa’s warehouse management system is designed to help businesses manage multiple sales channels more seamlessly across e-commerce platforms, shopping sites and 3rd party carriers. The software optimizes inbound receiving, storage and fulfillment management to deliver more efficient operations for less cost than other warehouse management systems. Users of the software are able to pick and pack orders faster, ship larger volumes and access real-time warehouse data to track transactions, orders and inventory statuses on desktops and mobile devices.

“The partnership with Logiwa is really exciting for us,” explains Mark Grimes, Global Head of Sales for EazyStock. “Logiwa’s warehouse management system is a powerful tool that optimizes shipping, handling and order fulfillment processes for inventory managers. Their system is proven to increase shipment capacity by up to 30% while decreasing the cost to manage order fulfillment by 20% or more.”

“From an inventory optimization partner perspective, EazyStock is designed to help inventory managers make smarter decisions regarding what to order, how much to order and when to order based on customer demand patterns to keep inventory levels lean. Between EazyStock and Logiwa, the entire supply chain can be optimized from beginning to end, supplier to end customer. The supply chain efficiency and cost savings are significant. Our joint customers can pass those savings down to their customers to maintain strong profit margins while also creating a sizable competitive advantage in the market place.”

“The Eazystock partnership lets us contribute more to our customers’ businesses.” said Cagdas Yildiz, EVP of Logiwa. “Eazystock is a state-of-the-art inventory optimization tool that helps companies find the right balance between customer service level and inventory holding costs. Logiwa customers reduce logistics operational costs and enhance customer service by allowing them to sell more. With Eazystock, our customers will finally be able to achieve the delicate sensitivity between inventory level and customer service level.”

Cagdas further explains, “The biggest challenge of inventory optimization solutions is gathering accurate historical data. Logiwa Warehouse Management Solution records all transnational data including shipments, purchasing, returns, fulfillment. Now our customers can enjoy the real value of this data through Eazystock. Eazystock is such a powerful tool that proves its value in corporate financial statements right away by cutting down excess inventory holding costs.”


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