Logiwa Opened the Gate to MiddleEast in Dubai

Logiwa, the leader supply chain management and logistics solutions provider, achieved its 2014 target to penetrate MiddleEast market through its MiddleEast partner. Logiwa completed the warehouse management software project in i20 and Regency Plus group of companies in a record duration and the project went live in November. I20 and Regency Plus group is the distributor of many cellphone brands, it imports cellphones and sells within UAE.

Within the project, Logiwa is implemented in the group’s warehouse Dubai Jebel Ali Airport free zone. Serial number tracking is one of the distinctive features of the project.

With the project, i20 ve Regency Plus increase their competitive advantage in the region.

With this project, Logiwa achieved its target in 2014 and it will follow an aggressive growth strategy in the MiddleEast market in 2015.