What are The Main User Roles in a Warehouse Management System?

What are The Main User Roles in a Warehouse Management System?

One of the most important steps to start using a warehouse management system is setting up the user roles in the warehouse. The common user profile in a warehouse may be warehouse manager, supervisor, picker, packer etc. We will try to explain some of the user roles and their basic access rights which we have been implementing in the last couple of years.

Warehouse Manager

Warehouse manager role is one of the most crucial roles in a warehouse. Usually, we define warehouse manager as a power user. Warehouse manager can access all the screens and functions in a warehouse.

Warehouse Supervisor

A supervisor is in charge of planning and supervising warehouse and employees. They can manage and see below functions :

  • Warehouse layout design
  • Shipment orders and their progress
  • Inventory reports and transactions
  • Planning and performance monitoring
  • Purchase orders and receipt progress
  • Error handling and corrections
  • Cycle counting and corrections

Order Picker

Order pickers are the users who can see all the picking tasks in the system. Generally, an order picker has access to mobile picking screens and a checking screen to see his tasks.

Order Packer

An order packer is a user who packs the orders before they are shipped. Order packers usually have access to packing screens. The packing screen should have all the required information for a picker such as

  • Printing the shipment labels
  • Printing packing slips
  • Suspending the orders
  • Scanning product barcodes(UPC)
  • Selecting the shipment box type


A receiver role usually is used to give access to inbound workers. A receiver role should have access to below functions :

  • Unloading the items to a warehouse staging area
  • Receiving pallets/items
  • Reporting damaged products
  • Put-away pallets and items into inventory locations.


Client role is specifically used to give access to clients of 3PL companies and customers of B2B wholesale warehouses. Generally client role has below functions;

  • Viewing Inventory reports
  • Viewing available to promise reports
  • Sales order  entry
  • Purchase order entry

I have summarized the most common user roles which can be configured in a warehouse management system. In many cases, the same user may have both picker, packer and receiver role at the same time. This is very common for small warehouses. But I strongly suggest not to combine supervisor roles with normal employee roles.

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