How Can I Manage Multi-store Inventory In A Warehouse ?

How Can I Manage Multi-store Inventory In A Warehouse ?

In this article, I will try to explain multi-store inventory and how to handle your inventory in multi-store environments. When we talk about multi-store inventory, we do not mean multi-channel inventory. Basically, if you have just one store in a marketplace or shopping cart and if you are selling more than one channel than it is called multi-channel inventory. If you have more than one store in the same sales channel than it is called multi-store. Not all the inventory management systems support multi store inventory management. With Logiwa WMS, we support multi-store inventory management even for the same SKU.

What do I need to configure my multi-store inventory?

  • Gather your account and store information from the selling channels
  • Define your SKU numbers for all the items assigned to each store
  • Define your drop shipping vendors if needed

Manage Multi-store Inventory Warehouse

How can I share my inventory across multiple channels and stores?

Actually, once we configure the system, Logiwa WMS will start inventory sharing across multi-channel and multi-store right away. The integration between Logiwa WMS and selling channels and stores is real-time. Any activity in your selling channels and warehouse will be synchronized automatically by Logiwa WMS, such as new orders, cancellations, new inventory, inventory damages, shipments.


Channels share global inventory

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