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Online Retailer Software

Your online retailer software should support your e-commerce operation from the buy button to delivery.

Get Ahead of the Competition with Online Retailer Software

As customers express a desire for fast shipping, online retailer software will be the key to meeting those expectations. Soon one-day shipping and in some cases same-day delivery will be the norm for many customers. But many legacy systems can't handle the workflows necessary to make that happen. Your online retailer software should support your customer service and operational strategies. Here's a look at three factors you should seek in your online retailer software.


Is your online retailer software capable of managing all of the processes and procedures related to moving inventory in and out of your warehouse? Your solution should manage the entire order fulfillment process from the customer clicking the “buy” button all the way through to delivery.

Think about all of the different sales and shipping channels that you may have to support. Does your current system support multichannel inventory and fulfillment? It's tough to keep an accurate inventory count across multiple marketplaces and channels. Optimize your warehouse management with Logiwa for a solution that can scale and flex as your company grows. Your solution should easily accommodate temporary and seasonal workers.


To meet customer expectations efficiency is the key. Logiwa has helped companies ship up to 2.5 times more than previous solutions. You can meet carrier cutoff times for cost-effective shipping rates.

Inventory data place a role in efficiency as well. With Logiwa online retailing software, you enter inventory data into the system one time, via barcodes, RFID tags or other means. Then, the inventory data is available to anyone using the system, with no more need for spreadsheets,  standalone systems or duplicated efforts. Employees won't be sent to pick items that may be out of stock or moved to a new location.

As many as half of e-commerce orders contain only a single item, so it's essential to have a streamlined order picking and packing process. You can use batch picking and optimized routes to reduce walking distance during picking operations.

You'll have a bird's eye view of inventory levels that's visible to anyone. Managers can make real-time decisions to execute fulfillment strategies like wave planning and cross-docking.

If you choose to, you can provide inventory data to the customer, so they'll know if the item they want is in stock. You can improve customer satisfaction and save time handling customer queries.


Look for online retailer software that integrates with your other mission-critical tools. Logiwa connects with more than 70 of the top solutions favored by online retailers, including parcel carriers, marketplaces, accounting, and ERP software and many others. You can share data seamlessly among all your tools for maximum efficiency and reduced errors.

Choosing the right online retailer software can boost your bottom line by through increased productivity and lower costs in your supply chain. If you're ready for the next generation of order picking software, find out how Logiwa can boost your productivity and shipping efficiency while simplifying operations. Contact us for a demo today.

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