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Order Packing Software

Order packing software is a vital tool for your fulfillment operations, so look for a solution that integrates with your other business applications.

Boost Fulfillment Efficiency with Order Packing Software

Order packing is one of the most vital functions in your warehouse. Your order packing software can make or break your ability to operate efficiently. You need a solution that supports same-day and two-day shipping and delivery capabilities to meet growing customer demands for fast service. It's a critical competitive tool to ensure you can meet customer expectations cost-effectively.  

Your packing software should coordinate with your picking software to ensure goods reach the packing stations in the most efficient manner. The packing software should designate the carton size for maximum efficiency to reduce the number of boxes used per order. That step can cut shipping costs, boosting your margins without sacrificing service. After all, order packing is all about speed, efficiency, and accuracy. Your processes should be as simple and repeatable as possible.

To select the most efficient sized box the order packing software uses factors such as size, orientation restrictions, stacking factors (which provide direction and control in the packing process), weight, and product compatibility. The packer can place the items in the box in the most efficient configuration to reduce the need for packing materials.

Order packing software can prompt packers to add materials such as catalogs, coupons and return information into each box. The software can be customized to add items based on the product – if a customer orders a pet toy, the fulfillment team can include a sales flyer with additional pet products in the shipment.

Logiwa order picking software enables mobile warehouse technology for paperless, rules-based order packing. Warehouse workers follow prompts on their mobile devices to pick and pack orders efficiently, reducing costs and complexity compared to other solutions. In fact, Logiwa users see shipping speed increase up to 2.5 times over their previous solutions. The system automates many steps to reduce manual operations that take time and have the potential for human error.

The packing software connects with the inventory and picking software for a seamless flow of data through the warehouse. Logiwa helps drive 100% inventory accuracy, which boosts the efficiency of picking and packing operations. It all begins when each item is checked into inventory when it arrives. With an enterprise-wide inventory view, Logiwa supports an omnichannel fulfillment strategy for maximum efficiency. Your entire inventory is visible from one portal, rather than being segmented by channel or location.

The inventory management system is the glue that holds your warehouse together. It tracks every item from the time it arrives in the warehouse to the moment it's packed in the box for shipping. Your solution should automate ordering, integrate with other business tools, and optimize the entire fulfillment process. Logiwa integrates with more than 70 popular tools including accounting and ERP systems, parcel carriers, online marketplaces, and other popular applications.

Ready to take your order packing operations to the next level?  To find out more about what Logiwa can do for you, contact us for a demo today.

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